Just the kind of trade I didn't want them to make. I'da kept him I think. On the other hand, for 2 months of Trey, it's not a bad return I guess.And how REALLY good has Mancini been this year? Glad he's getting a chance with a good team.
Bringing up YDiaz is a great idea too.Play the guy and see what he's got. If he's no good, you've answered a question that's been hanging for 5 yrs and also getting a dead weight off the 40-man roster.He's done as much as he'll do in the minors.Maybe they'll get rid of McKenna now or at least send him down.(Also Odor)Frankly, I'd pencil Diaz in the starting lineup the rest of the year.

And BTW, maybe they can give Stewart a final look later when he's healthy.Hit well for Norfolk and could be your DH.

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