Thinking Bautista might be better at getting 3 outs. Dude hit 101 today. He looks kind of ax murderer out there.

My son and DIL have a definite plan. They both have pensions of some kind. 401Ks out the ying. An account dedicated to dividends. They'll have the two rentals paid off. His company just sold itself to the employees, which he figures will net him another 300-500k in stock distributions by retirement. He thinks they're done buying houses now, and are insulated from inflation. All their dough can now go into the stock market. The house they are buying today is a big sucker in a high value school district, on an acre of land. With 7 garage spaces, altogether, house and shop. His car racing buddy will rent one, and pay 5% of their mortgage in the process. If they flip that for a house trailer some day, it'll be worth a bundle. They're both finishing up master's degrees now, so they can work part time forever or teach a few classes forever. They have it wired. They're not afraid to spend some on themselves, but my son spends every waking hour trying to wring out another nickel. Today he texted me about his latest 5% savings account, up to 5 grand deposit. He has to direct deposit a grand a month. Don't even start him on the dog food scams, or insurance or whatever. I mean it's closing day, and that's how he spent it. His grandparents are beaming up there somewhere.

"I'm melting!" Gym Jordan.