Rutschman-4 for 21 (.190). FANNED 9 TIMES.Hangout observers say he's got an uppercut swing and is going for homers.If true, the coaches ought to get him out of that nonsense right now. Scott McGregor supposedly said he has trouble hitting a good fastball. That had better be wrong.

Robert Neustrom 8-for-22 (.364)-Good scouting report says he has great power but will shorten wing and take a single. Can stay in RF.

Kyle Bradish (Dodgers for Bundy), DL Hall, Kevin Smith (Mets for Givens): all have pitched between 4.0-4.2 innings and have 0 ERA's

Nick Vespi 5 inn.-1.69, 10K

Some pretty good talent down there.

ABERDEEN-easily leads High-A w/2.04 team ERA

Joseph Ortiz, Shortstop 4th pick 2019 8-for-23 .348-one of a couple of high-draft SS hitting well.

Rom, Kyle Brnovich, Ryan Wilson all 5 innings 0.00 ERA's


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