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biden is making a huuuuuuge mistake by going along with impeachment... he wants to call for unity and then is on board with these radicals calling for impeachment.... he's gonna have a tough time in office, because no one has any trust or love for a lowlife that stole the election from the american people and then wants to impeach over absolutely nothing.... biden is only hurting hjmself and the country...

Right. Trump lost an election that he was predicted to lose. Urging a mob to try and overturn a certified election is not absolutely nothing. It is called Sedition. And 57% of Americans want him gone now. 72% said he was responsible for the attack.
Gore could have done it but he didn't.
No President has ever won re-election with 46% approval ratings. Trump was no different.
His handling of the pandemic didn't help.

Trumpuppet cares only about increasing his wealth any way possible.