Zuckerman posted the Nats all time leader boards this morning: https://www.masnsports.com/nationals-pastime/2021/01/the-nationals-all-time-leaderboards.html. Nice to be able to see them all together without having the Expos mixed in.

No surprise that Zimmerman is on the top of every cumulative offensive stat except triples and stolen bases, it will be a very long time before anyone catches him in any of those categories. Turner is number one in triples and stolen bases which is highly impressive considering how many fewer games he's played than others in the leader boards.

Nice to see Espinosa over Werth in the bWAR category, which I don't think even includes defense. Espi was so underrated by the fan base and Werth was always overrated. If Espinosa had been playing shortstop during the 2012 NLDS we would have won that series.

Soto should move up to number five in total walks next season. He's number one for OPS and needs to stay there. For all the hype Harper got he's at number five for OPS between Dunn and Nick Johnson.

The Nats have had a several great starters, but Jason Bergmann is tenth for most starts at fifty. Having a couple guys in the top ten based on what equates to two seasons worth of starts shows just how few reliable starters we've had. Surprising for a team that is known as valuing starting pitching.

Chief is still number one in saves by a long ways, it's been so many years that it is easy to forget how dominant he was in those early seasons.

Tyler Clippard is number one in appearances, ERA, and opponent's OPS, one hell of a combination, and by a good bit in all three categories. Biggest surprise on any of the lists is probably Henry Rodríguez at third for opponent's OPS, behind only Clippard and Scherzer, he was as wild as they come but clearly he was underrated too. (Opponent's OPS is an undervalued pitching stat in my opinion, so much better than ERA.)