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Good to see you Bill. I post here rarely as the main posters are martin, mikezpen and Timmer, talking to themselves.
Not really worth the time to rebut biased sources and false logic.
Carolina appears on occasion & Basebawl enjoys baiting the above three.

I do disagree that you don't have a dog in this fight. In spite of the US disastrous fall of prestige and leadership, we still have (by a hair) the largest economy and most widely dispersed military.

Not being able to vote doesn't invalidate importance for everyone here & elsewhere.

Good to see you too Pogo! I sometimes post in the Orioles section that's about it. Since I have absolutely no influence who wins because I'm not a citizen I'll maintain that I have no dog in this fight.

BTW, The once that left have all the same points of view just like the 3 you mentioned so they are talking to themselves too just on another platform. I don't do FB so I did not join them but even if I did do FB I would not have joined them for me there is no fun in bitching and moaning about Trump all day just as there is no fun in praising him all day long as they do here.

Just wanted it to be said what an embarrassing Presidential debate it was.

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