Biden easily won this debate and may have clinched the whole thing tonight.

He repeated the same lies ("Trump's recession", he 's responsible for 200,000 deaths, etc.),misdirection and empty-headed bullshit the Dems all do, but his delivery was smooth and convincing. If he's losing it he didn't show it.Trump was terrible. He blustered,sputtered and interrupted.. He had the facts on his side but never delivered them.He went off on tangents like Hunter Bidens sleaziness.Nobody cares!He s/have absolutely slammed Biden on the Critical Race bullshit and on the violence. The left's continual attacks on whites make a joke out of Biden's assertion that they are for uniting the people. What a laugh! Trump could have skewered him on this stuff, but he failed.

Trump said the right stuff wrong, and Biden said the wrong stuff right.
Biden may have buried Trump tonite. God help us.

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He didn't win.