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No chance that the Nats don't pick up Martinez's contract option for 2021 but I'm hoping that they hold off on extending him beyond next season. He has the World Series, but he also has consecutive 19-31 starts and with a top five payroll he has missed the playoffs two years out of three.

Dont yet wanna think about writing off a manager who just won me a World Series 11 mos ago. 2018 is written off (rookie manager). The huge pile of injuries and opt outs this season arent on Martinez, obviously. And he did not have a Top 5 payroll to work with this season -- #11 in MLB, and only 3rd in the NL East. Nats are about $10 mill less than the Phillies & Mets, and only $4 mill ahead of Braves.

At some point, Rizzo and Davey need to assess why every returning player who was healthy regressed this season (with exception of Soto, Turner, Rainey, the catchers, and couple others I'm too lazy too look up).

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