Both Rizzo and Martinez have their contracts expiring at the end of the season, just eight weeks from now as the current standings hold. Pretty easy to guess that Rizzo is holding out for a big raise, after putting together a World Series winner and a team that has made the playoffs more often than not over the past eight years. Although if I'm Mark Lerner I'm thinking that the sky high payroll has played a big part in Rizzo's success. Martinez's agent is also certainly looking for a payday but Davey's record is more mixed. The WS win speaks for itself but the team flopped in 2018 and did not show up ready to play this year.

Every team in MLB is dealing with unique adverse circumstances this season but the Nats appear to be struggling to adjust more than most. Watching the games it seems as though the prevailing thought is that we are the returning WS champs so this shortened season doesn't matter. Hardly the mindset I'd want my ownership group to see as they determine how much they are willing to offer as an extension. Here are some ugly stats from Matt Weyrich:

Nationals’ offensive ranks among the 29 MLB teams with 10+ games played:

Runs - Last
Home runs - Last
Hits - 27th
Walks - Last
OBP - 25th
SLG - 20th
OPS - 21st
fWAR - Last

I checked fielding and pitching stats and the Nats are right at the bottom for fielding percent and in the bottom half for OBA and WHIP while in the middle of the pack for ERA.

The good news is that with eight of 15 NL teams making the playoffs this year it won't take but a little improvement to qualify.

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