Some big rule changes for 2020. Some of them will become permanent.

1) 60 game season - fans are acting like the 162 game number was handed down by God, that 60 isn't enough for a "real" season. As long as every team has double digit wins and double digit losses the standings matter, after that the end point is an arbitrary number. Definitely a short season but plenty to separate the good teams from the bad.

2) Runner on 2nd to start extra innings - another rule that I'm seeing a lot of the writers and the fans criticizing but I like it. Prevents ties and long numbers of innings after the benches have been used up. I don't see it having that much of an impact though, the number of 13+ inning games was very small so it won't dramatically change the length of games.

3) Universal DH - why??? I hate the DH. Without it the manager position becomes less about strategy and more cheerleader. One of the most interesting parts of baseball to me is watching which of his limited number of bench bats and bullpen arms the manager will use during the game. This is where baseball is most like chess.

4) 60/30/28/26 man rosters + taxi squad - The taxi squad is a fine idea since there won't be AA and AAA teams to pull from when guys get hurt. I hate the expanded rosters almost as much as the DH and for basically the same reason. Scarcity of players late in games is what makes it fun to analyze the manager's decisions. September baseball with 40 players on the bench is terrible to watch and even 26 is one too many for me. MLB is trying to make the games shorter by limiting extra innings, this will have a much bigger impact and in the wrong direction.

5) Trades until 8/31 - I'm not so sure amount this one, I always want the Nats to add talent before the deadline but I see the point of not allowing too many late season trades because it changes the character of the teams. Being able to reload with a month before the playoffs will really benefit the big spending clubs.

6) Mixed minors - having two minor league teams that the rest of the league can use to draw from will be really interesting to watch to see which GMs are able to grab the best talent. I doubt if this continues beyond this year but could the next baby shark type addition come from this pool?

5) Covid injury list - the idea of having a special injured reserve list for players testing positive is fine as a concept but the issue is that there will be outbreaks where multiple members of a single team are on the list. What will MLB do if an entire team has to drop out for 14 days?