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whether you were born stupid, or instead you perfected it over the course of your life. like an art form, or something.
This is a standard-issue Natsman post. This is the intellectual level, the tolerance level, and the decency level of virtually every post he posts.

your screaming cries are fun to read. in the meantime, i'm going to kick back and continue to enjoy how you get mocked & belittled at every forum you post at. wanna know what's even more enjoyable? you get ripped by other posters at the nats board, but you're so feeble-minded you don't even realize it.

i do miss those posts you did a few years ago. when you'd constantly propose inane, lopsided trades in favor of the nats. so allow me: mauer's getting up there in age. maybe the twins wanna unload him. maybe we can get him for eury & suzuki, or are we giving up too much?

have a great day, Brenda.

Dass where they rawn eento a gray beek asshole