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"pindick dork who posted pics of underage girls in underwear". silly me for the omission.
Prove that.

prove it. sure.

there were my posts in that thread that referred to your jailbait jpeg's you posted. those have *not* been deleted.

what has been deleted in that thread? the jpegs you posted that you later obviously SCRAMBLED back to and deleted.

let me guess. those jpegs were the result of "research" you were doing at the time. right, pete townshend?

here's what i can't prove: whether you were born stupid, or instead you perfected it over the course of your life. like an art form, or something.
Again, prove it.

Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters.

Decent people cannot fathom the amoral cruelty of the Biden regime.