Today I happened to re-watch "The Killing Fields", a 1984 movie about the Cambodian genocide as told from the viewpoint of a truly gutsy Cambodian escapee from the Khmer Rouge and a pompous liberal NY Times reporter named Schanberg who blamed the whole thing on the Americans.Of course it got wild rave reviews from the movie critics, probably because it blamed the whole thing on the Americans.

If only Nixon hadn't invaded, if only we hadn't bombed, somehow the country wouldn't have fallen under this bunch of primeval monsters who murdered something like a million people.Funny thing is, almost every scene depicted the absolute brutality of these people driven by Communist ideology.The most telling one shows the Cambodian guy-Pran-running away and crossing a narrow strip of land. he falls down, looks up and finds that it's covered with skeletons and decomposing bodies on hundreds or maybe thousands of people.The Times idiot wins a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting from Cambodia and is later questioned by another reporter who asks if he "underestimated" the brutality of the Khmer Rouge. Nope. If it wasn't for America, none of this w/have happened. Typical liberal.

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