The Yankees pulled off a surprise towards the end of the trade deadline day by trading Jordan Montgomery to the St. Louis Cardinals for Harrison Bader.

The Yankees had fortified the rotation with Frankie Montas (Frankie the Yankee) and they expect Luis Severino back in September, so they wre able to pull off a swap for a Gold Glove center fielder, who just happens to be from suburban Bronxville. Bader is injured himself, with plantar fasciitis, but he too is expected back in September. While the Yankees lead MLB in Defensive Runs Saved, they are -6 DRS in CF. Bader will help plug that hole. This is clearly a move to strengthen teh team in October.

Ironically, Montgomery's first start for the Cardinals is expectd to come this weekend when the Yankees are in town. I'm sure that will be weird for him.

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