I just read a sorry tale defending the sorry creation by leftwing idols Spielberg and (now) Disney. First, they refuse to use subtitles so the 80% of people who watch it can't understand what the hell the most important actors are talking about half the time. Why? Because it somehow "subordinates "Spanish to English.-a classic woke mortal sin. So, they wipe out more than half the country's moviegoers right there.I tried watching it last nite, but decided about 20 minutes in to watch Stagecoach for the 461st time.

I have no comment on the dancing and the music. The critics (I should say worshippers) of his thing-mostly guilt-ridden self-hating whites, I'm sure. said it was great. I'll accept their views on that.I liked what little I saw. And I like that actors were Latin-vast improvement.

But the movie bombed despite the politically correct media establishment extolling it.


Make the Orioles Great Again.