Rizzo and Davey did interviews the other day and said that Stras was healthy and recovering from his surgery. Yesterday Stras announced that he will be not be ready for opening day, not because he's not recovered, but because he wants to take the normal amount of spring training time to ramp up. He's being paid $35 million to pitch and shows up not ready to go on time. His lesser paid teammates will have to be ready in his place. Because there is no way that Stras could have started preparing on his own or bothering to tell the team before the GM and manager spoke with the press. In a normal spring he'd be pitching 4-5 innings after 3-4 weeks, but apparently it's too much to ask to have those innings thrown in a live game.

The Nats start the season with 18 games in 18 days and Ross will be on the injured list, so with Stras not wanting to rush anything they will have to go to the #6 and #7 starters three times each in the first 2 weeks.