Bad news for Montreal fans, but in the long run it might be good.

The Rays’ proposed plan to split seasons in Montreal has been killed by Major League Baseball officials, the Tampa Bay Times has learned, creating even more uncertainty about the team’s long-term future in Tampa Bay.

The decision is sure to frustrate and stun team officials, who had spent 2 ½ years on the project and were expecting approval to proceed with efforts to get open-air stadiums built in both markets. The Rays also sought approval from the players union.

Rays prinicpal owner Stuart Sternberg is set to discuss the issue with media at 1 p.m. Among the questions will be whether the Rays will now seek permission from MLB to explore relocation to another market, and if Sternberg, who took over the team in 2005, will look to sell.

If he sells, I'm sure Bronfman or another Montreal group would be eager to buy.

Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters.

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