"in a few months," according to reports.


Montreal businessman Stephen Bronfman said he and his group from Montreal will become co-owners of the Tampa Bay Rays in a few months, according to a report from Rejean Tremblay of the Montreal Journal.

“In a few months, probably three or four, our group from Montreal will become co-owner of the Tampa team with Stuart Sternberg, the current owner of the Rays. The negotiations are very advanced. We are going to become minority shareholders, but that doesn't bother us at all,” Bronfman said, per Tremblay's report.

The Rays and Bronfman's Montreal group have been in discussions about a shared season, where the team plays half of its 81 home games Tampa Bay, and the other half in Montreal. The plan would ideally include a new stadium for the team to play in in both Tampa Bay and Montreal.

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said earlier this month league officials and team owners believe a sharing plan between Montreal and Tampa Bay is the best way to keep the team in Florida.

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