The exhibition games this weekend will honor the Expos.

With the Toronto Blue Jays in town next week for an annual preseason series, folks in Montreal — including the group seeking the return of MLB to the city — are planning a celebration of the original Montreal Expos, who entered the National League in 1969.

According to a press release issued by Charles and Stephen Bronfman, part of the group working on a new-ballpark plan in the hopes of bringing back MLB, several activities over the next few days will highlight the baseball celebrations in Montreal and Quebec and the Expos’ 50th anniversary. Events dedicated to young players and coaches and marking the 50th anniversary of Baseball Québec will be held at Olympic Stadium on March 22 and 23, with the collaboration of the Baseball Academy of Canada.

The Expos Fest Celebrity Gala “50th Anniversary” is set for March 24, with the participation of ten former Expos, including members of the original team. The former Expos will also be invited to Montréal City Hall the following day for the signing of the guestbook.

At the games to be played at Olympic Stadium on March 25 and 26, baseball and Expos fans will get the chance to admire many items related to the history of the Expos–baseball bats, jerseys and balls as well as other memorabilia of several favorite players–and relive the great moments in the story of the Montreal Expos.

Many former Expos will participate in autograph signing sessions before each of the two games, including Ross Grimsley, Tim Burke, Dennis Martinez and Claude Raymond on March 25, and Mike Fitzgerald, Steve Renko, Coco Laboy, Javy Vasquez and Denis Boucher on March 26. Rusty Staub and several former Expos will also be the subject of special tribute ceremonies during games.

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