The Yankees signed LHP Gio Gonzalez to a minor-league deal. (The 40-man roster is full.) The deal pays $3 million if he makes the major leagues.

He's not a minor-league pitcher. If he doesn't go north, it's only because he signed so late.

I've seen a fair amount of Gio. He's a good pitcher -- not an ace, but a strong 3. Between 2010 and 2017, Gonzalez threw over 1,500 innings of 3.41 ERA ball, only once failing to make thirty starts in a season.

He apparently has an April 20 opt-out if he's not in the major leagues.

Severino and Sabathia will start the season on the injured list (that still sounds funny), and Tanaka and Paxton have injury histories, so Gio should get plenty of starts. Kind of the "utility" pitcher -- starting for Paxton for a while, for Tanaka for a while, etc.

I like this move a lot.

Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters.

Decent people cannot fathom the amoral cruelty of the Biden regime.