It's official. The Phillies tweeted, "We got him." This is a bad thing for the Nationals, but they're still the best team in the division. I'd love to see this be the year they finally go to the World Series.

No opt outs, at Harper's request, and a no-trade clause. Good for him; he got his money and broke Stanton's record (by $5 million.)

We know what kind of player he is. But both sides are going to regret this. The Phillies fans (on the whole) tend to be brutal and mean. These people booed Santa Claus and pelted him with snowballs. People have been violently attacked for rooting for the other team. They'll attack their own for the smallest thing.

And as good as Bryce is, do you really want to tie yourselves to him through age 38? This could cripple them for a long time, especially with the other acquisitions they have made to try to win. As I said, both sides are going to regret this, and they have no opt-outs and a no-trade clause, so there is no way to escape each other.

The Phillies still don't look like a championship team. They don't have enough pitching. Both the Nationals and the Mets have better staffs.

The Nationals need to renew Rendon ASAP on a deal that totals at least $340 million. And they should assign number 34 immediately.

Remember a few years ago when the Nats went to Chicago early on and the Cubs walked Harper virtually every time? It got in his head and ruined his year offensively. Martinez was Maddon's bench coach at the time. He should do this when the Phillies come to DC in early April. Every time.

As for fans, we should stand up and turn our backs on Harper, the way he did to us.

Progressives lack compassion and tolerance. Their self-aggrandizement is all that matters.