Now-former Orioles manager Buck Showalter is a member of the MLB Competition Committee and is always coming up with interesting ideas. His ideas often have the effect of increasing strategy while addressing some element that is making games drag. He was one of the biggest advocates of limiting mound visits, for example.

As we are all aware, the designated hitter has been controversial since its adoption in 1973. It seems to reduce strategy and perhaps contribute to lengthening games while only adding half a run per game per team. Not what was intended.

Yet, there are some who would like to see the DH adopted in both leagues, while others would like to see it abolished. Well, Buck has an idea that might partially satisfy both sides.

s you know, a team only loses the DH if the DH plays the field, thus putting the pitcher back in the lineup. Showalter would like to modify that. Under his proposal, you would have a DH in both leagues -- but you would lose the DH as soon as the starting pitcher is removed. This could encourage teams to leave starters in longer, reducing the parade of relievers (and the resulting parade of pitchers), and it would restore strategy, at least in the later innings, bringing back the double switch and other "National League style" tactics in both leagues, making for a more interesting game right at the most crucial point of the game.

What do you think of Buck's idea? It's definitely creative.

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