Joel Sherman of the New York Post proposes an active offseason, spending money on several important pieces to improve the Yankees.

They should retain J.A. Happ and sign Patrick Corbin. Happ has shown he likes and can handle New York, which should be of emphasis after watching, for example, Sonny Gray get overwhelmed by it all. Happ falls into the well-regarded veteran lefty starter bucket. That got Rich Hill three years at $48 million to be retained by the Dodgers two offseasons ago. The Yankees would love to keep this to two years.

Are the Diamondbacks desperate enough to move as much of the three years at $95.5 million owed Zack Greinke that they would take the $47.3 million due Jacoby Ellsbury to replace free agent A.J. Pollock in center and two decent but not great prospects? Would Greinke waive his no-trade clause for New York? It is more doubtful than Ellsbury, who has built a house in Scottsdale. Greinke is Mussina-esque, heady and athletic enough to not fall apart with age (he will be 35 before this month is done).

And a word on Gray: Many teams will believe the righty (29 next month) salvageable, and there will be a trade market.

Chapman, Betances, Green and Jonathan Holder return. Zach Britton and David Robertson are free agents. Britton, a Scott Boras client, probably gets at least Wade Davis closer money (three years at $52 million), and I do not think the Yankees match that. Robertson remains durable, unflappable and excellent. Does two years at $25 million keep him?

The outside piece of interest should be Adam Ottavino, who, like Corbin, grew up a Yankees fan first in Manhattan, then in Park Slope and lives in the Upper East Side in the offseason. He refined his slider in a rented warehouse in Harlem last offseason and struck out 36.3 percent of hitters he faced (eighth best in the majors among relievers) while pitching to a 2.43 ERA in 75 games for the Rockies.

One free agent who would tempt me at first base if his medicals were good (questionable) and if he were willing to do a one- or two-year deal: Daniel Murphy, who hits good pitching, whose power would play up at Yankee Stadium and whose lefty bat would offer diversification.

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