With the Yankees eliminated, I'm rooting for a league-swap World Series this year: Houston against Milwaukee. I do not like the Red Sox or the Dodgers.

So where do the Yankees go from her? The offense, with a couple of exceptions, seemed dead this series. They wren't a good defensive team, and the rotation turned out not to be as good as advertised. The bullpen, however, was a phenomenon, and I hope they can keep it intact as much as possible.

We're going to see posters on this list calling for the Yankees to sign Harper and Machado. They have perfectly good players at those positions and they're a lot cheaper than those guys. Besides, with CC, Happ, Lynn, and others becoming free agents, I'd focus on pitching. Patrick Corbin should be a priority. Yes, I'd bring back CC and Happ for the right price.

I'd like to get something for Sonny Gray. He's Ed Whitson. He's a good pitcher -- just no in Pinstripes. Preferably, they would get something roughly equivalent to what they gave up for him.

I'd love to see Cutch and Gardner back. What to do with Bird? Or is Luke Voit the latest in the Kevin Maas-Shane Spencer line?

What moves would you make if you were Cashman?

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