There has been a lot going on here recently. I apologize for my wishy-washy posts and my inability to make a final decision about the fate of the board. As most of you know this site was created for a dear friend and he for some reason has not participated in the site for many years. I realize this has been a home for many of you, which is the main reason I have continued to maintain the site. One of Basebawl's posts hit hard and I took it personally. I did not look at it from the perspective of the members.

BPG's will continue without ads, fees or moderation. Your love of The Game is the one thing you all agree on and I am thankful to those liberals and conservatives whom have donated over the years!

Hopefully members will return and we may even get some new members. The updated site has Facebook and Twitter links making sharing threads easier. Perhaps some of these posts can be shared with your other groups.

Let's make America great again, sorry let's make BPG's great again.