Joel Sherman of the New York Post and MLB Network says the 15-day disabled list is absurd and outdated, and he recommends changes. What do you think?

1. The other three major North American team sports have mechanisms by which injured players don?t dress for games, healthy players are made active and both sides fairly begin with the same number of available bodies.

2. So much has been done in recent years to try to mitigate injuries, such as changing the slide rule at second base and the collision rule at home. So why would the sport continue on a path that promotes injury? When a team plays shorthanded, it often forces fatigued or nicked players to keep playing, making them more susceptible to injury. Or the player with the short-term injury is asked to return before he is fully healed.

3. At times, to avoid playing shorthanded, teams will put a player who only needs to miss, say, a week on the DL. Let?s say that the Mets had to do this with Cespedes. Who does that help? Not the Mets, who are paying him more per year than any player in their history and want him available for as many games as possible. Not the fans. I am sure if you are paying for tickets or watching the games, you would prefer to see Cespedes more, not less.

The union plans to make a seven-day DL part of its presentation in the ongoing negotaitions for a new collective bargaining agreement, sources told The Post. This issue previously has come up at GM Meetings, but I have been told it never gets enough votes to pass along to ownership.

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