Wang Rui Zhou Qian called a cop. 'You looked at the point, we were nothing taboos' Zhou Qian said. 'Got a wife, this guy money, you go hard point, want to eat anything Diansha, this kid hides pandora australia Donna, do not give provinces' Yang Tianfu these words is not really, that is, toward the wife. An effort of the two a la carte America nv back, Rui found that expression of the Yang Tianfu fiancee, a bit unnatural, do not know why, a bit embarrassing.

Wang Rui to be a bottle of Wuliangye, a box of Harbin Beer pure raw vegetables one by one, but few people are not competent sat not, Yang Tianfu proposed edge to drink while eating Laoke, then that Zhang Miao speak; ' I am not in the habit of drinking with strangers, freshly squeezed fruit juice does not, and if so to give me pandora charms cup.