Biden's Dangerous Speech

Posted By: TBP

Biden's Dangerous Speech - 02/09/2022 01:35

Beijing Biden flapped his face again tonight, thretening and dehumanizing his political opponents. A very ominous, threatening speech.

Every word of Biden's speech tonight was a lie. Every single word was projection. Even the commas and periods were lies. It was a clear and obvious attempt to incite violence.

They SWAT @RepMTG 3 times in a week. They firebomb and vandalize 21 pro-life pregnancy centers. They try to kill Justice Kavanaugh. They destroy major cities for an entire summer. And we’re the violent ones.

Joe Biden and the Democrats represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.

Posted By: TBP

Re: Biden's Dangerous Speech - 02/09/2022 20:02

I've said for years on this board and elsewhere that progresvies and the Democrat Party are totalitarians at heart. Joe Biden's authoritarian speech proved me right.
Posted By: mikezpen

Re: Biden's Dangerous Speech - 07/09/2022 21:00

For the left, the glorious, progressive end always justifies even the most repulsive means including those things you mention above.20 years ago, I said the same thing and was vilified on this board. I said "whatever it takes"-which is the same thing.I've lost a number of friends among the posters over the years who are truly horrified by what I say.Yet I've never seen them condemn atrocities committed by the left.The only answer they give is, "The right does it too.

Sorry. No way.How many cities have conservatives wrecked?
Posted By: TBP

Re: Biden's Dangerous Speech - 10/09/2022 02:45

Becaue tehy knew you were right, but didn't dare admit it and wanted to make sure nobody ever said so.
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