Roe v Wade

Posted By: Bill

Roe v Wade - 27/12/2021 04:07

The lovely lady who I thought was absolutely right ...

May she rest in peace
Posted By: mikezpen

Re: Roe v Wade - 27/12/2021 15:55

Not knowing that much about this, I'd say that Roe was the best compromise for this issue.And it s/b upheld.

However, I'm against "partial birth" or other late-term abortions unless the mother's life is at stake.
Posted By: TBP

Re: Roe v Wade - 28/12/2021 03:31

Abortion is wrong. It is arguably banned by Amendments 5 and 14.

Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, and Justice Blackmun admitted he couldn't find any justification for it in the Constitution.
Posted By: mikezpen

Re: Roe v Wade - 29/12/2021 17:06

Guess we have to disagree on that one. I think it's the best solution at times if not a pleasant one.
Posted By: martin

Re: Roe v Wade - 29/12/2021 19:47

There is no need for Abortion now. There are so many options in birth control now and the day after pill, the woman clearly gets to make HER CHOICE before she gets pregnant. With advancements the time for making the CHOICE has been moved up.... It's that simple.

On issues like this and homo marriages it should be left up to the states, the court should not be ruling on these type of cases.
Posted By: TBP

Re: Roe v Wade - 07/01/2022 22:57

That's a human being. After we recognize that, all other arguments are irrelevant.
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