Rush Limbaugh RIP

Posted By: martin

Rush Limbaugh RIP - 17/02/2021 17:17

Sad to hear this news, he was the very best of the best......There will never be another one like him!
Posted By: pogo

Re: Rush Limbaugh RIP - 17/02/2021 21:19

Nor should there be.
Posted By: martin

Re: Rush Limbaugh RIP - 18/02/2021 00:31

It's shameful the way the liberal lap dog media has reported on his death today.Some of these written articles claim all kinds of crap and the SEE BS news report mentioned his comments on michael j fox from years ago. When John lewis died last year the liberal media built him up to be some sort of an icon and the conservative just let that slide, but now when Limbaugh dies the liberals want to yell racism....

I'll bet somewhere DB5 is yelling racism against Rush. He would just go nuts when Limbaugh's name was even mentioned...

Limbaugh stood up to these liberals and knocked them on their asses time and time again....
Posted By: John Lease

Re: Rush Limbaugh RIP - 18/02/2021 01:14

Tap dancing seems old fashioned. Maybe clogging on his grave is more up to date
Posted By: John Lease

Re: Rush Limbaugh RIP - 20/02/2021 13:06

Still dead?

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