Latest Democrat Scam

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Latest Democrat Scam - 05/04/2020 15:17
Smitty, WW and Lee are cheering this one on. Some Dems.are demanding racial stats on Covid cases.Surprised they waited this long.I can answer their stupid questions right now. A disproportionate # of blacks and browns are affected because for the virus hits cities, where most of them live, the hardest. So, a lot bigger % of them are hit (of course it's all a racial plot by Trump).I can just imagine what they'll demand-the % of masks sent to each census tract compared to racial makeup-to show disparities, etc.Gives 'em something else to bitch about Agencies are too busy fighting this thing short-handed to waste scarce resources on this nonsense. They've sent a ton of stuff to NY. Trump should tell the Democrats to shove their racial disparity statistics up their collective asses.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 05/04/2020 15:40

The reason that I noticed is that they refuse to stop the big gatherings.Everyday I have customers telling me that their families are demanding big funerals and want to have a lot of people there. In savannah just last week they had a graveside service with over 300 people there. one of my friends lives in a neighborhood in Macon. he told me that on Friday night when we already under a shelter in place order that about 75 to 100 gathered for a party at the house next door to him. They were all black.... I do believe that more blacks have the virus but in a lot of the cases it's just that they refuse to follow the guidelines. Another thing too, when I was going into stores a couple of weeks ago, it was always the blacks that would not physical distance themselves 6 ft . they would get right up behind you in line as if they hadn't heard the guidelines or didn't care...
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 05/04/2020 17:43

Those fools at Spring Break were mostly white.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 05/04/2020 18:01

So are plenty of the megachurches.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 05/04/2020 19:55

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."
Attributed to H.L. Menken

Unlike most here, I live right in the city. Since I moved here 50 years ago, my immediate neighborhood has become the gentrified locale for Cleveland..
But at our supermarket and everywhere that does not cater to upscale, the majority of my fellow citizens are Black or Hispanic. Black women are the most consistent mask wearers,
with Millennials of whatever background coming a close second.
And your post, mikezpen, is exactly why I find no pleasure in coming here anymore. You assume a malign rationale, since of course you are a liberal and therefore know what they think and understand their motives
rather than taking the absolutely rational reasons expressed in your own link. If some people are being hit more heavily by the virus it makes sense to pay special attention to that population.
By your logic we should ignore New Orleans, NYC and San Francisco since their being hot spots is just not important in terms of allocation or resources.
There are plenty of idiocies out there without assuming that everything is political. If I were to focus politically all I would have to do would be to print, verbatim, every tweet from the idiot in chief. Just makes me tired.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 05/04/2020 22:36

By your logic we should ignore New Orleans, NYC and San Francisco since their being hot spots is just not important in terms of allocation or resources.

What are you talking about??

When did I say we shouldn't allocate resources there? NY complains they aren't getting enough; I don't feel terribly negative about that; everybody's crying for more. I AM negative about idiots like AOC demanding racial data so they can open up a new "racism" scam for the leftist turds in the news media and split this country apart even more.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 06/04/2020 01:34

I hate to see what's happening to New York, the City That Never Sleeps. I hate to see what's happening to New Orleans. Even one death is too many. Proportionally, we're still at a fairly low number, and that's good.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 06/04/2020 16:14

I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of the COVID cases ARE non-white.And more than that in NY.But I also doubt if Idaho is getting more medical stuff than NY.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 06/04/2020 17:53

My point was that you can't treat or focus on specific populations without information of whom to target.
You need actual information.
We have stats about NYC and other locales, therefore they know that they are in need. Send help.
If Black or non-Anglo populations are particularly infected then we need to focus information and treatment.
mikezpen "Not being surprised" that they have higher rates of infection (50%? 😋) is not the best source.

I would "Not be surprised" if Republicans are infected at higher than the average, given who they listen to.
We need statistics!!!

SEND HELP!!! I am sure that they need it.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 06/04/2020 18:57

Pogo, I'm all for finding out where the cases originate and directing resources accordingly, I mean, a moron could see that.But that's not what the "Squad" demanded is it? They want a racial breakdown. Now seriously, why is that? The race of the cases should not matter at all-only the number of cases. Do 500 non-white cases deserve quicker response than 700 white cases? But I bet the hacks in the media are begging for that stuff so they can play the race card yet again about.Sorta like Stalin constantly demanding that second front.Very apropos, that.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 06/04/2020 19:21

Dr. Amy Acton, the Ohio Director of Health, just reported at our governor's daily press conference that 51% of Ohio covid deaths were white, 15% Black, 2% Hispanic.
The rest did not report race or ethnicity. Add a third to each of the death percentages to allow for unreporteds and you get about 68% white, 20% Black deaths.
Somehow at the Republican governor's press conference they thought this was important enough to report.

According to latest reported statistics Ohio was 81.51 white, 12.35% Black.
Which fits an assumption of greater percentages of urban deaths, but not an especially African-American susceptibility in Ohio.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 06/04/2020 22:43

Boris Johnson's in ICU.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 07/04/2020 14:31

saw that
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 09/04/2020 18:10

One, it was not the "Squad" who requested the stats, unless you are now generalizing what seem to be using as a derogatory term to apply to any Democratic leaders. The letter was signed by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, and Representatives Ayanna Pressley and Robin Kelly (according to your link.)
And as usual you impute an exact knowledge of why Dems or liberals are advocating for anything. Somehow stats are okay if it helps focus, but asking for them (with a racial aspect) is malign.
And in your very statement you seem to be contradicting yourself. "Finding out" is okay, but not if it has a racial component? You lost me. "Racist scam by turds - - "

In other news, Andrew Cuomo (a presumably idiot supporter of turds) agrees with mikezpen that the greater urban concentration of African-Americans is responsible for their significantly greater incidence of cases and deaths.

The AP reports agree even more with mzp. Chicago: 52% of reported IL cases, 72% of reported deaths. Chicago is 30% Black. Michigan: 33% of cases, 41% of deaths. MI is 14% Black. Detroit & immediate suburbs have 80% of the state cases. The city (excluding suburbs) is 80% Black. In Louisiana 70% of the cases are African-American with 32% of the population.
What that report and others makes clear is that transmission inside a population spreads hugely once established. We get that from Italy, Spain and Detroit. Michigan's chief medical officer adds compounding conditions: obesity, diabetes and heart disease as being more general among the Black population.

Bad health and specific conditions don't help. Who knows what the average health was in Wuhan, Italy, Spain or Iran. But bad health sure don't help getting sick or surviving.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 09/04/2020 19:07

AOC wants the data, and so does A. Pressley who is also a squad member.That's 2 of 4.The data w/b used politically as the article indicates. AOC is already showing that in her demands for Covid reparations if you can believe it.Nobody s/bother spending a minute or a dollar on tracking this down when there is so much other demand on their time, and data is already available.

We already know that minority pops. w/b hit harder and where these case concentrations are.They're poorer, live less healthy lives and are more crowded.(And when you allow 70% of your kids to be born out of wedlock, you're exacerbating all of this.).You've provided a sample of that reality here. So what more do we need?

I agree that more resources s/b targeted to areas w/high caseload as I said before. That will automatically impact non-whites more, right? Or, we can say that such aid will have a disparate impact on black and brown.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 09/04/2020 23:25

Hard to beat the gang association from blood types, right? A, B, one step from Bloods and Cripts. Or is it epidemiology collecting every piece of data they can think of. In order to control and defeat a plague. My daughter does it for chronic wasting disease among her deer farms. Also avian flu and rabies. The invasion of privacy tracking those sales is East German. It's what scientists do though.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 10/04/2020 17:37

I think we all understand why you go after foci of infection.
It's good for those infected or in greatest danger of being infected.
But tackling disease among a specific population helps everyone.
Any concentration is a breeding ground for general spread.

I note that PA with a population of about 12.8 million has 19,979 reported cases as of yesterday.
Ohio with a pop. of 11.7 million has 5,512. Perhaps PA is more worldly. They are now saying that US cases were mostly spread from Europe.(through genetic tracking, I didn't know that there was a difference)
So maybe they just had more visitors. I also note that Ohio's shelter in place order went in as of March 23. PA's went in as of April 1.
Do you remember that I credit our conservative Republican governor as having done an excellent job?
One order is obviously not all there is in way of explanation. Louisiana's order went into effect the same day as Ohio's. With a pop of 4,66 million they have had 18,283 cases.
But they were hard hit even before the order. Still I credit Mike DeWine as having done an excellent job.

The other day when asked at his daily press conference if there was an emergency plan as to who would get scarce resources, should we have to ration, he first stated that he did not expect that to happen but that the thought kept him awake at night.
He then said that the Ohio Hospital Association had convened a panel and issued a policy that day.
Here's what I appreciate. He said that medical ethicists and Doctors have struggled over this sort of question for years and that while he had not yet read the policy, it would probably be followed in Ohio.
And that This was not the sort of decision that politicians should make.

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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 10/04/2020 18:12

I think we're mostly on the same side here. I aimed this thread at "some Democrats" (1st post)-the Squad and its ilk-not all of them.I think most governors w/direct the majority of the resources to cities where cases are concentrated.I'd think La.-N. Orleans-w/have had more visitors and more circulation than a place like Ohio.Maybe that's why they have more cases.

I still worry that politics is driving too much of the coronavirus issue and can affect outcomes.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 10/04/2020 18:36

Men dying 2x women. Obviously a woman plot.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 11/04/2020 00:38

5 red states still don't have stay at home orders. Make damn sure none of my tax dollars go towards helping their collapsed medical systems. Thoughts and prayers only.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 11/04/2020 02:03

Originally Posted by pogo
They are now saying that US cases were mostly spread from Europe.(through genetic tracking, I didn't know that there was a difference)

I saw a doctor on TV just a few minutes ago saying most of the East Coast cases come from Europe, while most of the West Coast cases come from China. (Of course, the European cases originally came from China.) She said there are currently three different known strains. They aren't completely sure whether the antibodies against one strain completely immunize you against another.

The models are showing we're about to hit the peak. Tuesday is expected to be peak day.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 11/04/2020 03:18

Browsing around, "Aren't sure" seems to be accurate, although several stories said that the form that the virus takes is such that any effective vaccine "should" work for all of the human strains.
And HERE is a link that discusses the differences mentioned by Timmer.
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Re: Latest Democrat Scam - 12/04/2020 02:38

It should, because they're closely related. But we don't know until we try them.
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