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the REAL UKRAINIAN SCANDAL - 08/02/2020 02:43

this is a must watch. Beck really starts about the 15 minute mark......According to this report ,Trump did the right thing in holding the ukraine aid and by wanting the biden's this video......In a nutshell The head of Burisma also had a bank in Ukraine.Obama wanted to arm the Ukraine army without Russia knowing it. soooooo.....They got hunter Biden on the board, then Joe biden and John Kerry lobbied for money to go bail out banks in Ukraine. .... joe biden had the us lift the visa ban on the owner of burisma and he came to the USA. then all of a sudden the USA put $1,8 billion of our tax money into the bank owned by the lowlife owner of burisma. he was then named governor of the area where the fighting with russia was going on...the money disappeared but was most likely used to buy weapons for Ukraine.....Biden had to get the former prosecutor fired because he had figured out that the Obama regime had laundered the money for Ukraine to buy weapons with. Three million of that money was given to hunter biden as a kickback for the help. that's HOW Hunter was involved.

Now Trump and barr are trying to find out what happened. Obama was funding an unauthorized war without the permission of congress. The IMF, international monetary fund is also investigating the missing money. they had promised that they would back loans to Ukraine under one condition. the USA was also in on this..... The condition? Ukraine had to raid the bank that got the USA taxpayer money and the records had to be seized. On September 10th the IMF had an official go to Ukraine to insist that the bank be raided. the IMF and the USA would not release the money until that was done...... they did it on the 10th and the very next day Trump released the money.....

watch the video..... Explains a lot.....
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