Lots of Moves

Posted By: TBP

Lots of Moves - 25/08/2021 03:19

Rizzo's been a busy guy.

Posted By: PowerBoater69

Re: Lots of Moves - 26/08/2021 01:25

Facebook image is not available. Didn't most of the old BPG guys move to Facebook? I prefer the message boards and Twitter, I'm not much of a Facebook fan.
Posted By: TBP

Re: Lots of Moves - 26/08/2021 21:14

Yes, they set up a Facebook group. I think it's called something like Ballpark Guys on Facebook. They blocked me.
Posted By: martin

Re: Lots of Moves - 13/09/2021 01:37

Might not be the thread for this comment... but I watched this pirates series and i'm impressed with lane Thomas..... Think he has a great career ahead of him...Yes I realize that he's about 25 or so but I'd love to have in CF with the Pirates....Wish Bell was back at first for the Bucs too...
Posted By: TBP

Re: Lots of Moves - 15/09/2021 23:59

You got a couple of guys with potential for Bell.
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