2022 pace.

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2022 pace. - 13/06/2022 10:54

Announcers and writers keep proclaiming this team to be SO much better than last year. So I looked. We're on pace to win 69 games. We only won 52 last year, so you can make the mathematical case that we're better. We could also wind up the same distance from 4th place, so I don't know.

We're 24th in runs and 23rd in WHIP. Those might be improvements, but I don't think they're a cause for celebration. Or a real base for improvement. A couple of players aren't going to make a difference from here. The upper minors have no pitching. We still need a systemic overhaul.

If they could reliably obtain good young players by trading, you could still make a case for blowing it up and shooting for a 5 year plan. Mathematically.

Or you could sign legit free agents. Find some that buy the myth that we're a rising young system, led by a new generation of dynamic young management. And willing to ignore that ownership is suing each other. Even a couple of more innings/poop eaters like Lyles would be a significant upgrade. We might have Davis money freeing up. Use that?
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Re: 2022 pace. - 13/06/2022 11:06

Trade components. Anybody in the bullpen. A 69 win team doesn't really need one. The short relivers at best bring very young players. Santander is a decent choice I think. He's got some pop, and isn't looking like a perennial all star. Mountcastle is a good choice too. Sign Mancini. They have similar profiles, but Mancini is a better hitter. Mountcastle still has some potential to sell, and a lot of pop.
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Re: 2022 pace. - 13/06/2022 14:23

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Or you could sign legit free agents.

This made me stop and think about the decesion to move the fences back this year. It's no secret that pitchers didn't relish the idea of pitching at Camden Yards because of the HR potential the old demensions presented. Could moving the fences back in left field have been an attempt to attract higer quality pitchers? Just a thought.
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Re: 2022 pace. - 13/06/2022 14:27

It had to play a part.
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