Lineup 2022

Posted By: carolina

Lineup 2022 - 27/09/2021 18:16

Mullins cf
Hays lf
Santander rf
Mountcastle 1B
Mancini DH/1B
Rutschman C
Urias ss
TBD 2b
TBD 3b

Not bad so far. I can see Stowers coming at some point. Fourth outfielder maybe. If they could put together a competitive pitching staff, they might surprise the baseball world.
Posted By: BaseBawl

Re: Lineup 2022 - 27/09/2021 20:04

Stowers can replace whichever of Hays or Santander goes down first. McKenna can be fourth.

The announcers love GutiƩrrez. He did make some plays. He hits like Ryan Minor, but he has a tool.

Pitching could keep us in the race for first pick again. Hard to imagine. Maybe our turd bath sorts itself into some semblance of a rotation. I drank that Kool-aide this spring.

Wish I was down Bowie way again. They could have a dream team. Maybe I'll do a weekend trip.
Posted By: mikezpen

Re: Lineup 2022 - 28/09/2021 20:31

I trade Mancini. When it comes time to spend bucks on extensions, they'll be guys they'd be better to spend it on.I think he'd net you some pitching talent, particularly if they throw in others in a package deal.
Posted By: carolina

Re: Lineup 2022 - 28/09/2021 20:47

I'm not opposed to trading Trey, we have Mounty to play first. My biggest concern is we would get a few AAAA players in return. Another salary dump most likely.
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