Rogers Calls Out Bregman

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Rogers Calls Out Bregman - 19/01/2020 05:58

Apparently, after Alex Bregman denied using buzzers to steal signs, Josh Rodgers decided to go after him.

After seeing their manager and general manager first suspended for a season by MLB and then fired by Astros owner Jim Crane, Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve didn’t have much to say about the sign-stealing scandal that has forever tainted their 2017 World Series title.

“The commissioner and league came out with the report and the Astros did what they did,’’ Bregman said of Rob Manfred’s report that detailed the Astros’ use of a video and camera system that included players banging a garbage can to relay pitches to hitters. “They made their decision on what to do and I have no thoughts on it.”

Not everyone was satisfied with Bregman’s statement. Orioles pitcher Josh Rogers responded on Twitter.

“Just plead the 5th bud. Cause your guilty,” was posted to his verified account.

FWIW, Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer claims to have heard the same thing from "several" sources and the Twitter user Jomboy claims he heard it from "at lat five sources."
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Re: Rogers Calls Out Bregman - 19/01/2020 13:52

not much else Josh Rogers can do
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Re: Rogers Calls Out Bregman - 20/01/2020 04:16

Trevor Bauer says he's been told the same thing by multiple sources, and the Twitter user called Jomboy, who found and linked the Danny Farquhar video, says he's heard it from five different sources. It looks like there may be more to this than MLB is willing to admit.
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