2021 draft

Posted By: martin

2021 draft - 31/03/2021 12:59

Know it's not until July this year and things can change but perhaps the Pirates should consider taking Will Bednar with the number one pick. He's david's brother and is from Pittsburgh too... Kicking butt with both feet at Mississippi state....
Posted By: martin

Re: 2021 draft - 26/06/2021 00:50

Yep still say that Bednar should be the first overall pick for the pirates...
Posted By: martin

Re: 2021 draft - 27/07/2021 02:21

They got Chandler and now White to sign....That leaves about 750k but they still need to sign Owen kellington and the number 94 prospect,,,, hope they can sign kellington, I think he might be a great pitcher.....
Posted By: martin

Re: 2021 draft - 27/07/2021 21:59

they signed bishop today , he was ranked number 94 by MLB in the draft....That's 5 of the top 100 that they signed...
Posted By: martin

Re: 2021 draft - 31/07/2021 23:59

Just announced that they have signed Owen kellington..... that makes this BY FAR the best draft this year from any club....This guy is awesome!....The Pirates have great people in that front office now....I was worried but now i'm happy! makes my day...
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