offseason moves

Posted By: martin

offseason moves - 13/12/2019 01:39

It's exciting that other teams might be interested in Marte. If they could get Nimmo from the Mets that would be great........I'd put bell on the block and see if a team loaded with top prospects might make an overwhelming offer....
Posted By: TBP

Re: offseason moves - 16/12/2019 18:38

I think I read that they asked for Nimmo and Smith, and the Mets turned that down.
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Re: offseason moves - 22/12/2019 02:23

The Yankees released chance adams.... Pirates should see if they could sign him.... the pitchers still out there that I'd like to see them go after.... Alex wood, jimmy Nelson and danny Salazar......They need a catcher, should try to acquire either Dalton varsho from the dbacks or tom murphy from the mariners....

should try to pry jeter downs away from the dodgers too....send marte to the cards for Dylan carlson
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Re: offseason moves - 28/12/2019 22:59

Adams got traded to KC for a Class A infielder.
Posted By: martin

Re: offseason moves - 30/12/2019 00:18

marlins grossly overpaid for former bucco corey dickerson.... good player though.... might hit for more power there
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Re: offseason moves - 23/01/2020 01:34

No need for this thread because the team has done next to nothing. I could understand that if they thought that they had a winning group of players.....I figured by piratefest that they would have made some moves, but NOOOOO.... nothing...
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Re: offseason moves - 27/01/2020 22:41

Marte just got dumped to the Dbacks.....Dalton varsho and kevin cron would've been an acceptable return. Not these two that they are getting.Just terrible..... why even make a trade, just release marte and eat the money..... Cherington sux....He needs to be fired now....
Posted By: martin

Re: offseason moves - 02/02/2020 17:01

Just a terrible trade with the D'backs...... the more that I've looked at it the more that I dislike the trade.....nothing but a bunch of minor league has beens have been signed this week...
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