Add, Subtract: Brian Cashman's New Math

Posted By: TBP

Add, Subtract: Brian Cashman's New Math - 31/07/2018 01:27

Yankees GM Brian Cashman, already busy with the Britton and Happ acquisitions, had another busy day today.

First he traded Adam Warren to Seattle for what appears to be a return of more international bonus pool money. Though I'm sorry to see Warren go, I get that deal. Trade an underused reliever, cut payroll, get some more bonus pool bucks, and they still ahve a strong bullpen with Chapman, Betances, Britton, Robertson, Green, Holder, and Cole. OK, got that one.

Then Cashman traded 1B-OF Tyler Austin and RHP Luis Rijo to Minnesota for RHP Lance Lynn. Now, I like Lynn -- a lot. I think he's an underrated starter. I'm glad to have him. BUT the Yankees just lost Judge for at least three weeks and are scouring baseball for a righty bat. And they already have a strong rotation with Severino, CC, Tanaka, Happ, and Gray. So what do they do? They trade the best MLB-ready righthanded hitter in the system to get yet another starting pitcher. Unless something else is up by the deadline, I do not understand this deal at all.
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Re: Add, Subtract: Brian Cashman's New Math - 31/07/2018 02:19

They don't have a strong starting rotation unless Severino can pitch every game.
Posted By: TBP

Re: Add, Subtract: Brian Cashman's New Math - 31/07/2018 04:03

Severino, Sabathia, Tanaka, Happ, Gray, and now Lynn -- that's pretty strong.
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