Future of the Board?

Posted By: pogo

Future of the Board? - 29/03/2018 21:50

Responding to the two announcement threads above.

Would be nice to have other teams. I moderated the Indians board until it was done away with due to lack of traffic Also participated on the small Boston board as that was the team I loved as a kid.
But the general antipathy, plus the impossibility of having a fact based conversation on the OTL board has leaked over to a general lack of traffic. Why post when others see no purpose in speaking to what is said, answer with ad homniem attacks or answer fact based posts with straw man arguments and unsubstantiated rumor?
Pre-departure there were some conversations that introduced new facts or interpretations, but usually those tailed into sour arguments and quotes from ideological trollish sources.
Also a few new posters were nothing but trolls. This further soured conversations.
Anyway. Thank you for your efforts. In the past I have encouraged a few people to post, but generally their teams were not represented so it was an uphill battle.

Cheers from Cleveland.
Posted By: webmaster

Re: Future of the Board? - 30/03/2018 13:58

Thanks for your response. Its simple to add forums. As you state the only reason we removed teams is due to the lack of activity. I would hope that people use the OTL forum for their non baseball posting and keep politics out of the baseball forums. I plan on monitoring the site more this year and see what happens.

If you want forums added, let me know.

Posted By: TBP

Re: Future of the Board? - 01/04/2018 03:57

I bet you could get a few posters for a Yankees board.
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