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Baltimore Orioles
1 hour ago
Well, it moved along.
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Outside the Lines
2 hours ago
He most likely won't get more than 12 years and will probably serve no more than 7 or 8..... They will appeal too... might get less time next time.
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Baltimore Orioles
19 hours ago
I think Hays said the F word.
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Washington Nationals
20 hours ago
Soto on the injured list, a last minute scratch today. The fact that they waited until just before the game to move him I'm taking as an indication that it is not expected to be serious. I hope not.
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Washington Nationals
20 hours ago
Great start by Corbin, scoreless in the fifth. Nats fans know what that means, no run support.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 23:29
Originally Posted by martin
I'm concerned that the BLM thugs are gonna riot no matter what the verdict is....Sad but the media and Maxine waters has made the situation even worse than it was.... no winners here

Well, where are the riots asshat?
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 19:54
Hadn't signed on in a while. Visiting grandkids and daughter in Boston.
Get well. The Orioles need - - - - - you.
We codgers also need someone to argue with.
Without you who is there around to convince of the error of their ways?

But seriously. Get well
and I'll send you a Squad bumper sticker so that you can commit unmentionable acts on it.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 18:28
Segregation returns. It's just what they have always stood for. The New Apartheid.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 18:05
That is racist as can be, but sadly, we can expect that from the #woke politically correct progressives.
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 09:37
Phillies place 3 players on IL due to covid
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Washington Nationals
19/04/2021 10:06
Originally Posted by PowerBoater69
Not a great draft history under Rizzo, other than when he had top ten picks.

50 years from now, his signing of a non-Top 10 pick like Soto, an international pick, may solely define Rizzo's legacy.

Rizzo's eye for talent is unparalleled. 4 years ago, when the online minor league talent "experts" were raving about Robles, Rizzo was gushing about Soto instead.
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Baltimore Orioles
18/04/2021 21:56
I thought the same thing. They suck.
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Outside the Lines
18/04/2021 20:13
I thought the point of analytics was to find underutilized strategies and use them to advantage. Well, here are some underutilized strategies. Who will exploit them?
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General Baseball Discussion
18/04/2021 20:09
I thought the point of analytics was to find underutilized strategies and use them to advantage. Well, here are some underutilized strategies. Who will be the first to exploit them?
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Outside the Lines
18/04/2021 19:52
But today's liberals say we do.

The primacy of the individual — that we judge people not by their lineage but by their deeds — is at the very foundation of a free society and of the American experiment. Here, unlike so many other places, including Pakistan, the law and our common culture insists that we see people as individuals who are the product of their character, not their tribe, family, race, or status.

This wisdom has come under sustained assault by an ideology that insists that we are, in fact, avatars of various demographic markers — race, gender, sexuality — rather than complex human beings.

Critical Race Theory sees people not as individuals, but more like the Borg from Star Trek. It insists that white people are inevitably oppressors and that African-Americans are inherently oppressed. And everyone else, like Schrödinger’s cat, exist in a kind of liminal position, playing the role of victims or victimizers depending on the situation. That is how, in the context of the admissions process at Stuyvesant, Asians are seen as “white-adjacent” and privileged, but in the context of street crime, they are cast as victims. Attributes of specific races are assumed.

I suspect that many white liberals — ridden with guilt over American history and biases that still exist among the white majority — believe they are doing minorities like me a favor by denying us the responsibility of addressing our own prejudices. Critical race theorists often argue that the true definition of racism should be prejudice plus power, implying that only whites can be racist But hidden within that construction is the assumption that minorities can never be powerful.

And that assumption is what is called "the soft bigotry of low expectations." IOW, it's racist. Like #JimCrowJoe
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Outside the Lines
18/04/2021 19:33
Jim Crow Joe strikes again.
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Washington Nationals
18/04/2021 19:22
Fucker got a home run today, but I'm not adjusting his average in the header.
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Washington Nationals
18/04/2021 18:58
No issues here. I use Android on my phone and laptop so it could be a Windows issue.
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Washington Nationals
18/04/2021 15:01
Stras is on the injured list with a shoulder issue. Since his extension he has pitched fifteen innings and given up fourteen runs. Plenty of time to bounce back and win another World Series MVP but players that sign a second nine figure deal rarely maintain the performance that earned them that deal.
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Baltimore Orioles
18/04/2021 13:28
Why are they throwing them back into the stands? Reload? Seems like a forfeit to me. Or close the stadium again.
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Outside the Lines
18/04/2021 00:44
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Pittsburgh Pirates
17/04/2021 12:09
So far the team is bot as bad as many had predicted.The team should be better when Hayes gets back too. Keller and Kuhl have to pitcher better, and I'm not sold on the anderson dude yet. They need to call up todd frazier too.....Alfred and Fowler have not been good and need to be replaced as soon as possible. I had had high hopes for both but they just haven't panned out.

I've been impresed with stallings, evans and Gonzelez......Been disappointed the most in Newman so far....I'll take 6-8 though.... Matt capps is much better than Wehner or Mchenry in the booth...
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Outside the Lines
16/04/2021 23:12
Big joke around here is about hank johnson..... today he realized that putting 4 more on the court might be a bad idea because it might tip the supreme court building over.......
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Outside the Lines
16/04/2021 16:30
First major poll out from this.... Republicans approval rating of MLB was at 47% last year... now after this it's only at 12% while dems stayed around 40% level both before and after.... biggest drop of any decision in sports.....the republicans apparently have been supporting MLb more than the dems so this move is gonna cost MLB bigtime longrun.... Ga won't actually lose the 100 million, they just won't get an extra 100 million,,, but MLB is going to LOSE millions over this decision....
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Outside the Lines
16/04/2021 04:13
The #Woke Glossary

* Crisis = "some challenges."

* Triggering mass hunanitarian suffering for minors = "humane."

* Anti-cop riots = "protests."

* BLM activists attacking Asians = "Trump's insurrectionists."

* Black anti-Asian violence = "Trump's fault."

* N.O. Islam's influenced attacking cops [Dallas, July-2016; US Capitol, Mar-2021] = Twitter - Sudden Silence Syndrome.

* 74 Million Americans = "white supremacists."

* Islamist influenced violence = "mentally ill." [CO - Mar-2021]]

* Paranoid who happens to be White = "racist." [GA - Mar-2021]

* Economics = "asylum" (asides from a small minority).

* Grandchildren of immigrants = "indigenous Palestinians."

* Money used by Iranians, its proxies and by "palestinians" for twisted indoctrination and terror = "humantarisn aid."

* Unfair anti all Whites generalizations = "anti-racism."
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