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Pittsburgh Pirates
25/09/2020 23:51
He had to resign from the Reds because he quote" made a homophobic statement"...... The Pirates should fire Joe Block and get Brennaman...
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Outside the Lines
25/09/2020 21:10

After over 110 nights of rioting, the nitwit Democrat governor of Oregon has the nerve to release this gem.

"The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer groups have come to Portland time and time again from out of state looking for a fight and the results are always tragic," she said. "Let me be perfectly clear: We will not tolerate any kind of violence this weekend. Those stoking the flames of violence, those coming to Portland looking for a fight will be held accountable."

They're holding a rally that will disrupt the brotherhood and serenity in Portland!
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Outside the Lines
25/09/2020 01:21
A long but interesting article on how the judicial battles between the Jeffersonians and Marshall still resonate today.

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Outside the Lines
09/09/2020 01:46
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Outside the Lines
05/09/2020 03:34

Has to be under police protection. He simply has a, "disregard for the racialized experiences of people of color in the United States". Whatever the hell that means. I'm guessing he doesn't give enough high grades to POC, thereby showing he doesn't fully appreciate how their oppressed status affects their academic performances.He also had the nerve to call the Chinese virus the "Wuhan virus".

The school's pathetic reply is below.
Gafni and the department later apologized, along with Professor Todd Millstein, vice chair for graduate studies at UCLA’s computer science department, according to the College Fix.

"We stress that all are welcome in this department, regardless of country of national origin, race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or identity, disability, or genetic background,"
the officials said in a letter, according to the outlet.
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Outside the Lines
02/09/2020 15:49
More people might die? Who cares? There's an election to win. We don't have to care; we're The Party of Compassion.

‘These are the same voices who . . . wish failure on [every] breakthrough.’

Trump-haters are so determined to defeat the president that they are opposing emergency authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine. What callous disregard for human life. Without a vaccine, another 100,000 fatalities are expected by year’s end, according to Washington University epidemiologists.

Emergency-use authorization would allow the vaccine to be rushed to front-line health workers, cancer patients and the elderly, among other groups. But only those who want it. It’s voluntary. Full-fledged approval will take months longer, and most Americans won’t be able to stop by a drug store to get vaccinated until mid-2021.

Trump’s idea is better: “We will achieve a victory over the virus by unleashing American scientific genius.” In short, a safe vaccine developed at warp speed.

The naysayers need to get out of the way.
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Outside the Lines
02/09/2020 01:16
Why Racial Tensions Are So High in the Least Racist Society on Earth

What no one expected in 1964 was that the Civil Rights Act would herald not the end of racial tensions in the United States, but their aggravation. As a result in large part of the act, segregation ended in the South and equality of opportunity was virtually assured, with stiff penalties for those who denied it. Yet even as actual racism was becoming unusual, civil rights activists began to insist that racism was so deeply embedded in the psyche of the nation that had done more than any other to eradicate it that much more legislation was required, including measures giving not just equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome, which would require special boosts and privileges to minorities. This all but guaranteed that racial friction would remain a feature of the American landscape.

Meanwhile, Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and War on Poverty replaced segregation in the South with nationwide programs that were even worse for the poor, as they took away incentives to work and created a permanently unemployed underclass in which an ever-larger group of people essentially became wards of the state.

hat may have been the idea all along. The famously coarse Johnson is said to have boasted about the Civil Rights Act of 1964: “I’ll have those n—-rs voting Democratic for two hundred years.” Between that act and the War on Poverty, he certainly did create a bloc of black Americans who could be counted on to vote Democratic – at least until the advent of Donald Trump. Whether or not those votes were in the best interests of those who cast them was highly debatable, but no one dared debate it.

Then came Barack Obama. Throughout his tenure, Obama stoked racial tensions rather than calming them. When he took office, the Justice Department was pursuing a case against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation in Philadelphia. Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, abruptly dropped the case in May 2009 and refused to cooperate with further investigations, giving the impression that the Black Panthers were getting away with voter intimidation because of their race.

And there is more at the site.
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Outside the Lines
02/09/2020 00:27
The notion of "white privilege" is rooted in Communism and the New Left.

What is “White Privilege?” The National Museum of African American History and Culture offers the following definition, produced with your tax dollars:

White Privilege
Since white people in America hold most of the political, institutional, and economic power, they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not. These benefits and advantages, of varying degrees, are known as white privilege. For many white people, this can be hard to hear, understand, or accept—but it is true. If you are white in America, you have benefited from the color of your skin.

This view of America—as a country with a racial caste system—has long been prevalent in academia and has spread to the culture more broadly, even to the government. Government bureaucrats are increasingly pushing such rhetoric in mandatory trainings, as City Journal’s Christopher Rufo has been tirelessly documenting. But it did not arise out of thin air. The idea that there is an inherent white privilege which must be shed by individuals for society to progress stems from the desire of American Marxists to understand their own history of failure.
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Baltimore Orioles
31/08/2020 20:58
Miguel Castro to the Mets, who made a flurry of moves just under the wire, for Kevin Smith and a PTBNL.
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