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Outside the Lines
4 hours ago
Better than nothing. I assume then minors will play too.If minors don't play this season, it's a killer for the Orioles' rebuilding efforts. They'll lose 2 yrs. at least, as players are set back in their development.
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Outside the Lines
4 hours ago
Ridiculous, but in all fairness, a lot of that is to pay for the re-tooling they'll need to convert from cars.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 21:04
It's unbelievable how much these people have just pure hatred in their hearts.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 16:05
Good man. W/b a good president.He'd treat the media for the garbage they are.
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Outside the Lines
07/04/2020 14:31
saw that
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Washington Nationals
07/04/2020 12:59
It's a long ass article, so buckle up. Definitely worth the read.


Gary Majewski, relief pitcher: “The majority of the team came from Montreal, and it was like, we have no fans. Then all of the sudden, it’s pretty much packed and these fans are actually pulling for you.”

Ryan Church: “There were days where you’d hit a home run or something, you’d come back to the dugout and look up in the stands and everybody’s jumping. The whole thing is moving. It was like, ‘Holy crap—this is crazy!’ ”

Jim Bowden, Nationals general manager: “We had our first draft in June. The whole idea there was we wanted to get the face of the franchise. We had the fourth pick, and we thought, ‘How can we get a local kid? Who can be that guy to represent what we wanted Washington to be represented by baseball-wise and in the community?’ And Ryan Zimmerman fit all of that.”

Ryan Zimmerman, third baseman: “I was in my parents’ house in Sandbridge, Virginia. The draft wasn’t televised like it is now—you basically kind of listened to it on a computer. I was not very highly recruited out of high school. I have the September birthday, but my parents used it the other way: to get me to school quicker so they could get me out of the house. So physically, I was a year behind everyone else. It was sort of a surreal moment. Growing up in the Virginia Beach area, going to the University of Virginia, and then getting drafted by the closest team possible to where I grew up, it was ideal.”

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Washington Nationals
07/04/2020 12:47
Originally Posted by martin
Terrible to see the fans there boo the president and some yelled "lock him up".... just shameful and embarrassing for the team and their players...

Couldn't stand Bill Clinton -- guy's one of the most shameful embarrassments and disgraces to the country during my lifetime. But nothing would motivate me to get up in my seat and lose my mind if I saw him at a game. Most people who pull that sh!t just want to show off because they love the sound of their own voice.

The first game after the 34 year delay in 2005 at RFK was great. Bush seemed to get a warm response as I recall.

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Baltimore Orioles
07/04/2020 09:17
Originally Posted by carolina
I'm reminded of the pitcher we had who hurt his arm pitching in a commercial. Forgot who it was.

Roch heard, and obliged:
We’ll never know just how good Bergesen could have been if he hadn’t strained his right shoulder capsule during the filming of an Orioles commercial in December 2009. Bergesen was throwing off a mound for the first time in the indoor batting cage at Camden Yards.
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Outside the Lines
06/04/2020 18:50
About 70% of my retirement funds are tied to interest rates, and they have sunk even further. Chicken funds you might call them.The pres. wants zero interest rates,
damn him.
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Outside the Lines
06/04/2020 01:28
Cool video, Pogo. Thanks.
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Outside the Lines
06/04/2020 00:56
Originally Posted by BaseBawl
He called it a hoax at his rally. I saw the tape.

If you saw the "tape," you know that's not what he said. Unless it's one of those doctored, manipulated videos you lefties are so fond of.
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Baltimore Orioles
04/04/2020 23:40
in 2021
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Outside the Lines
04/04/2020 23:08
Try the bulk stores.
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Outside the Lines
04/04/2020 23:08
We haven't been impacted much by the shutdown, thankfully. We're well, except for what age does. My knees bother me occasionally; my wife's hip bothers her sometimes. I find myself having to pull myself up, but that was happening before this thing came along.

There is tape on the floor at Dollar Tree marking off 6 feet, but otherwise, most of the places we go are running semi-normally. We went and picked up a pizza last night.

I do think we're likely to see less impact than some are anticipating, and I am concerned about the economy. it can't stay like this indefinitely. However, I am glad to see our leaders practicing federalism for a change. The conditions in Maryland are different from those in Ohio, New York, California, Louisiana, or Washington. They need different approaches. And DC is making sure everybody has what they need.

I'd like to get the country back to somewhat normal soon. Open where possible, closed where necessary.
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Outside the Lines
04/04/2020 22:55
Again, this is a fake story.
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Washington Nationals
03/04/2020 11:30
I can't say the last time I read anything from the Post. I was a big Chelsea Janes fan but after she left I doubt if I've clicked on more than a half dozen Post articles.
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Outside the Lines
01/04/2020 05:43
I have real problems with the government just shutting down businesses and confining people. No due process, no observance of the takings clause. It's just dangerous.
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Outside the Lines
31/03/2020 23:47

a message from Vin Scully...... my mom is now 85 and had always had a garden until last year. She still has a 9N ford tractor that her dad bought new sometime in the 1940's or 50's. she had it totally rebuilt a few years ago.....gardening is HARD work, tried to get Zach involved in it two years ago but he had no interest.......

A lot of farmers in south ga are getting ready to plant. The peach trees here are blooming like crazy.... strawberry farms are open now too..
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Baltimore Orioles
31/03/2020 01:16
if they had known then what they know now, they probably would have kept at least one of them.
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Baltimore Orioles
30/03/2020 14:23
29 players, we'd still suck.
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Outside the Lines
30/03/2020 11:41
3 generations will now hoard toilet paper for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, I have driven to Erie and Pittsburgh several times the last few years, and Pennsylvania has enough toilet paper growing right now to sustain their evil intent.
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Outside the Lines
30/03/2020 07:45
Here's what he said.

Imagine the people who go care for these affected people. And this is what he comes up with. It's truly, truly disgusting.
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Outside the Lines
29/03/2020 17:36
So, some writer wrote something. Some news flash there.
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Outside the Lines
29/03/2020 17:35
What about the drugs?
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Outside the Lines
29/03/2020 17:17
Do any of them?
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