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Baltimore Orioles
19 minutes ago
Santander has a lot of potential. I noticed he shows some restraint at the plate, he's not up there swinging at everything. He's not striking out a lot either. He's done well in rf and has a strong arm.

I think Broxton is not going to work out anything. He's not a good hitter. Once his speed starts declining, he won't find a spot on a big league roster.
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Baltimore Orioles
13 hours ago
leave us not think that...
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Baltimore Orioles
14 hours ago
Another excellent outing by Wells. Rizer was 5-5 today.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 16:33
He is showing he can compete in the AL East. That's big.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 13:32

He headed a Harlem drug gang that may have murdered over 500 people over 5 yrs.NBC "reporter"whining about his spending 30 yrs. in prison.President Booker too.I bet 90% of those 500 were black. You think we'll hear about that? NO.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 13:18

Let's see what happens. If Ms.Thatcher was Prime Minister, they'd get their asses kicked.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 02:41
Pitching on farm not great tonite.But it's interesting that the Orioles have so many prospects and every nite,a couple of them are on the mound.Used to be you'd wait for a couple of days before they pitched somebody that was a true prospect worth following.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/07/2019 02:29
but horrible as a starter
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Outside the Lines
18/07/2019 23:09
I don't see the send her back chant as racist. they weren't saying send them all back and they were chanting that after Trump pointed out that she has made anti American comments in the past.... biden's past comments on the other were racist....

I don't see Trump's tweet as having much effect on the election next year. So many things will happen between now and then, and this will not be much of an issue at all....
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Baltimore Orioles
18/07/2019 21:34
Team option @ 10 million. Vests automatically if he hits something like 300 innings 18 and 19.
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Outside the Lines
18/07/2019 18:55
We have a pretty good baseball board now. And I wish they would come back and post about the Orioles and baseball. Politics needn't come up on that board at all.The Orioles are entering an interesting stage of their history that may or may not pan out for the best But it's well worth talking about.They're all knowledgeable, and their comments w/add a lot.
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Outside the Lines
18/07/2019 01:24
Wow, she's as smart as the whole box?
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Pittsburgh Pirates
17/07/2019 17:35
marte homers, increasing his trade value.... then archer gives the run right back....They made over stallings before the game.... ok so he's a good guy and all, but they need to upgrade from him, diaz has been disappointing but he'd be a decent reserve catcher, stallings should be in Indy.....
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Baltimore Orioles
17/07/2019 10:48
MOFA! That's my boy right there!

Distant honorable mention night. McKenna had 3 hits and 3 stolen bases in that game.
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Outside the Lines
16/07/2019 17:24
Those type of comments even if they were in jest, only hurt her agenda.
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Outside the Lines
16/07/2019 15:17
They're not "liberals". A true liberal allows dissent, even if it's repulsive or radical. And I hate the term "Progressives" because it's too positive-sounding. Anyhow, what "progress" do they represent? These people are simply hard leftists-even Stalinists.Stalinists blindly followed the Marxist dictator and implemented his horrible genocidal programs, destroying anybody who dared dissent along w/their families w/o question. Some of our leftist friends didn't like that term, but damn if it doesn't apply.
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Outside the Lines
16/07/2019 15:05
If they pass a really oppressive a hate crimes law that includes speech, stopping hate speech might be legally acceptable. You can already go to jail or be fined in California for repeatedly mis-gendering someone.
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Outside the Lines
16/07/2019 14:56
Better she's a lesbian and doesn't have more babies.
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Baltimore Orioles
16/07/2019 03:50
Originally Posted by mikezpen
I didn't notice. Oh well-at least he's playing.

He's up to 8 at bats now. Must have an enlarged heart or something.
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Outside the Lines
15/07/2019 20:55

Intelligence documents that were presented to the Gang of Eight in 2016 that pertain to the FISA application used against U.S. person Carter Page; including all exculpatory intelligence documents that may not have been presented to the FISA Court. Presumably this would include the recently revealed State Dept Kavalac email; and the FBI transcripts from wiretaps of George Papadopoulos (also listed in Carter Page FISA).

Working with a timeline, but also referencing origination material in 2015/2016 – CTH hopes to show how the program operated. This explains an evolution from The IRS Files in 2010 to the FISA Files in 2016.

More importantly, research indicates the modern political exploitation of the NSA database, for weaponized intelligence surveillance of politicians, began mid 2012.

Nothing like a scandal-free administration.
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Outside the Lines
15/07/2019 19:50
How fierce a competitor was Gibson? In his last game, Jay Johnstone hit a homer off him. He didn't get to face Johnstone again until they met in an old-timers' game ten years later -- and Gibson plunked him.
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Baltimore Orioles
15/07/2019 14:38
Gotta like our chances there. Detroit was making a run.
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Baltimore Orioles
15/07/2019 00:31
Alberto's the guy I wanted up there.
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Baltimore Orioles
14/07/2019 23:13
Buncha used car salesmen.
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Outside the Lines
14/07/2019 22:36
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