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Outside the Lines
47 minutes ago
Fannie does this really matter? Clinton was getting BJs in the Oval Office, not years before.How did you feel about him?
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Washington Nationals
10 hours ago
Max would be my choice
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Washington Nationals
10 hours ago
I think Hellickson will take that spot
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Baltimore Orioles
13 hours ago
I like the addition of Cobb and Cashner. That is a massive upgrade from the departed Ubaldo and Miley.
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14 hours ago
Set to Eastern Standard Moscow time, if it's a quicky.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 23:08
Really rare one of these mutts gets the word this soon. Rule 5 that looks solid.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 23:03
Lowlife McCabe speaks out in a compost editorial tonight........he's crying like a little baby but his own FBI recommended that he be fired.....Like a typical libera. he'sl blaming trump for his corruption..
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 21:35
Hate like crazy that trump got duped on this budget.the senate is not passing a budget next year so trump probably won't get the wall that we voted for. It's almost as if the republicans joined the dumbocrats against Trump and played him like a fool.

This afternoon Rush had quite a few mad callers. they were mad at trump for falling for this.Some said that they would not vote for him again in 2020..... It's a sad day for the whole country...
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 21:30
ask them to come on back bawl.....they need to extend the FBI Russian investigation thread that DB started in 2016...
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 21:27
seems as if the liberal media has about given up on this false narrative.... have now shifted to the women that trump had sex with years ago...When Clinton raped and harassed women, they called them bimbo eruptions.... now though these women that had affairs with trump because they wanted his money, are great outstanding citizens....
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 21:20
That happened. BPG open for business again.
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 20:00
Hondo, I'm Interested
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General Baseball Discussion
Yesterday at 17:56
There has been a lot going on here recently. I apologize for my wishy-washy posts and my inability to make a final decision about the fate of the board. As most of you know this site was created for a dear friend and he for some reason has not participated in the site for many years. I realize this has been a home for many of you, which is the main reason I have continued to maintain the site. One of Basebawl's posts hit hard and I took it personally. I did not look at it from the perspective of the members.

BPG's will continue without ads, fees or moderation. Your love of The Game is the one thing you all agree on and I am thankful to those liberals and conservatives whom have donated over the years!

Hopefully members will return and we may even get some new members. The updated site has Facebook and Twitter links making sharing threads easier. Perhaps some of these posts can be shared with your other groups.

Let's make America great again, sorry let's make BPG's great again.


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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 03:09
Originally Posted by TBP
Oh, it's completely applicable. Taht is the very purpose for which it exists.

Maybe read my entire post and then respond? I already said that "I get it."
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Outside the Lines
22/03/2018 22:32
Out as security advisor....
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Outside the Lines
22/03/2018 22:29
Good to see a few more Nats posters back.... now if we could just the pirates board back rolling...
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Outside the Lines
22/03/2018 07:10
Originally Posted by mikezpen
You're a fine one to talk.

laugh I'll admit to limited curiosity as to what martinzpen imagines somebody else has in common with Peaches.
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Outside the Lines
22/03/2018 07:02
Hard to perpetuate a bad conspiracy. Loons adrift.
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Outside the Lines
22/03/2018 01:21
tonight at church heard a sad story..... talked to one of the moms tonight about her older son. He has been dating this girl and her mom is now a lesbian and has a live in girlfriend. the girl was just fine until her mom's lover moved in.... Now the girl has become a "pan gender".....I've never heard of the term pan gender...... apparently though this girl has decided to change her gender depending on how she feels that day. some days she dresses as a girl some days as a boy...

Now trying to get this boyfriend to change his to female on days that she goes as a male....Boy is considering doing it.... boys mom is terrified....
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Pittsburgh Pirates
22/03/2018 01:13
Got to see Crick pitch tonight on mlb network.....I love the pace that he pitches.......He gave up a run but only because of an error...
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Washington Nationals
21/03/2018 23:38
I think he will do okay. Who couldn’t manage this team. Heck I could get 90+ wins out of these guys
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Outside the Lines
21/03/2018 20:26
"He blowed up good."

"He blowed up real good."
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Baltimore Orioles
21/03/2018 13:45
Mixed feelings.He and Cashner make us better and keep us in contention longer.Also means Angelos w/hang on to his FAs in order to make a run and we get nothing for them when they walk.
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Washington Nationals
21/03/2018 13:35
Originally Posted by sonomaphil
[Linked Image]

Munch. A. Bunch.
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Outside the Lines
21/03/2018 05:00
Surveillance capitalism is a dangerous thing.
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