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Outside the Lines
10 minutes ago
The GA SOS Raffy..... says he's already looked into the voter fraud in fulton county.... he had a monitor there..... yeah... we see on the tape that the woman told everyone that they were finished counting.. the NEWS media left too because they were told that counting was finished.... BUT hey a monitor stayed so all of those ballots that were hidden under the table is just fine..... copied ballots are just fine too..... underage voters just fine.... felons yep.... out of state residents yep... thousands of people living at one homeless shelter yep just fine..... nobody watching signature verification.. hey that's great too.... as Raffy said, "at some people we just have to trust people".......And all did well except in 4 counties...... But nope nothing to see here....... it was the white republicans that stayed home and didn't vote for trump and those same type white republicans that went out and voted for Biden,,,,,,

250 voter fraud investigations but nope no voter fraud here.... forget about the stacks of copied ballots...
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Outside the Lines
18 minutes ago
Originally Posted by DB 5

Georgia was Blue in your lifetime already.

The GOP mopped up here in all of the races but one... and that's with felons, illlegals and 15000 17 yr olds voting., with flawed signature verification on mail in ballots..... So no DB... In YOUR DREAMS Ga is blue.... A few people in 4 counties decided the presidential election with voter fraud.....
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Outside the Lines
24 minutes ago

Define fraud, dummy.
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Outside the Lines
27 minutes ago
MikeZ, still in denial
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Outside the Lines
2 hours ago
More strange skullduggery. From Heather Cox Richardson's blog:

"It is not just Congress that is pushing back on the president. Today the Associated Press broke the story that within the last two weeks, a political operative Trump had installed at the Department of Justice has actually been banned from the building after pressuring staffers to give her information about investigations, including those about the 2020 election. Heidi Stirrup, the appointee, is an ally of Trump adviser Stephen Miller. Today Trump appointed her to the board of visitors of the Air Force Academy."

Yahoo edition
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Baltimore Orioles
3 hours ago
We don't even know why our first round draft pick can't actually play baseball. Or that Baumann probably needs elbow surgery. Wouldn't they get nailed with a pretty hefty inheritance tax?
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Outside the Lines
8 hours ago
She might be clean on this one. There will doubtless be others.
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Outside the Lines
12 hours ago
Originally Posted by mikezpen
I'm not betting. I think he has enough to win but didn't say he would.

But I will get a big chance to gloat regardless of the outcome if you think about it.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Put up your Nazi book if you don't bet money.

I will be happy to burn 🔥 it.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 22:33
Originally Posted by Lee
You go from Lin Wood was a big Obama and a big Michelle Nunn donor and a Democrat to Newsmax is still trying to verify that he donated anything to Michelle Nunn, and you're not even embarrassed. And FWIW, Lin Wood didn't even donate the max to Obama.

didn't hear the original report from newsmax Lee
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Pittsburgh Pirates
Yesterday at 21:05
Clay holmes is gone..... Pirates should go after an outfielder and a catcher... they should also try to sign travis shaw
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 18:37
Right. And you cite Rasmussen which is a Republican biased site. And was badly wrong in this election.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 04:08
You might have to thread with Martin for a week.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 03:49
That may have been the most treasonous speech a sitting President ever made. Full of bullshit. Only Republican pollsters had Trump winning the Swing States.
He basically said that the election was full of fraud but none of his attorneys have produced diddly squat.
He impugned major cities and their residents. He attacked the FBI.
He said that citizenship has never been a requirement to vote.
It was a speech Putin could have given.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 02:26
Haven't you learned that huge Trump crowds are meaningless, Martin?
He had huge crowds in 2016 compared with Hillary and he won by 77000 votes in three states and lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.
He had huge crowds in 2020 amd lost those same three states by over 250000 votes and the popular vote by over 6 million votes.
I have a tip for you. You can go see Trump and get paid $50.00 to do so. You don't even have to stay until the end. It will also be one of your last chances to see him as President ever again. A win win situation.
But don't be surprised if he never pays the city of Atlanta for all they will provide him. He never does.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 00:07
Good one DB.
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 20:38
This guy will put himself in jail.
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 20:38
Originally Posted by mikezpen
I didn't buy it.

Give me $1,000 in cash and you can have it. It's a good investment, and it's in great condition. Classics by extremist wack jobs from the left and right are going to go up if Biden wins.

I have zero interest, so pass.

I have my dad's army duffel bag, and his knife and hat. He brought back a Luger and a shotgun he picked up in Germany, but sold them in the 50s.
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 19:35
Flynn is paying tRump back for his pardon.
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 16:26
Like Biden?
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 16:02
So? Trump also deserves all the criticism of how ineptly he handled his pandemic response.
Democratic Socialism also uses the private sector.
Merkel deserves as much credit as Trump.
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Baltimore Orioles
02/12/2020 03:27
Great to hear! Bats cleanup in my lineup behind Mountcastle, Iggy and another OB guy.Santander, not good OBA but has power and drives in runs-fifth. Like to see Richie Martin get a good shot, too.Hit really well the final month of 2019.
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 02:42
Like Trump fired Sally Yates?
Biden will appoint who he wants.
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 02:28
Need to go to Luzerne County and interview the Trump supporter who tried to get a ballot for his dead mother.
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Outside the Lines
02/12/2020 00:20
Originally Posted by DB 5
So it is because of their skin color.
So you are saying Blacks don't get prosecuted at a very high rate. That they get preferential treatment from the courts. Who knew?
You are such a racist, Martin. Which militia are you in? Proud Boys or Boogaloo folks?

Way too lazy to join. He's a keyboard warrior.

Still packing going to the post office, more than likely.
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Outside the Lines
01/12/2020 23:12
The way Trump runs businesses, I can understand.
I wonder how much he still owes small businesses. Probably hundreds of millions of dollars.
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