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Baltimore Orioles
34 minutes ago
They picked up Keon Broxton from the Mets for int. slot money. I think they picked up another Rickard, basically. I wonder if Joey is on his way out or down to Norfolk.

They also picked a pitcher, Chandler Sheperd from the Cubs. Looks like he sucks too. He's headed to Norfolk.

Yefry dfa'd.

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Baltimore Orioles
1 hour ago
Delmarva won 2-1 today despite striking out 17 times. Zimmerman pitched 6 shutout innings for Bowie.
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Baltimore Orioles
4 hours ago
I question the mention of Mountcastle and Stewart in the same sentence. I'll even take on the babip number. His batted balls look like howitzer shots. Duke Inc. Also drafted all those kid pitchers, so one year in isolation doesn't mean much.
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Baltimore Orioles
18 hours ago
1 out of 3 ain't good. Mountcastle homered though. The hits just keep on coming.

Baumann strikes out a ton of guys and still gets rocked. I get the feeling that stuff isn't the problem. Location is.
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Outside the Lines
19 hours ago
first round coming within the next 8 days.... dumbocrats running scared, WHY they are going so hard after trump now...
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 15:12
I like Smith and Ruiz. This is their shot, I hope they take advantage of it.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 12:20
I wish him lots of luck.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/05/2019 23:14
Originally Posted by TBP
I don't think Cashner has a lot of trade value. I thiink Givens probably does. Most contenders are looking for bullpen help. Villar would net something, maybe not great, but worthwhile.

If you'd like to kick around some permutations, MLB Trade Rumors is having a chat tonight.
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Pittsburgh Pirates
19/05/2019 22:51
Does anyone know if Jordan Luplow is related to former MLB OF Al Luplow? (Other than that they're both OFs, of course.)
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Pittsburgh Pirates
19/05/2019 22:50
Originally Posted by martin
Originally Posted by martin
Man I don't like this trade..... archer is not that great,.....glasnow and meadows will both be better than archer.......Terrible deal......I mean gosh.....Don't even need archer...

yep.... lease yelled raaacism because I posted this when the trade was made......

Lease doesn't know any argument better than "you're a racist." Anything else is beyond his intellectual depth.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/05/2019 22:45
Maybe they can get someone with options left whom they can send to Norfolk.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/05/2019 22:40
That would be the smart thing to do.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/05/2019 22:40
Bad rule. You might recall that they tried it in the World Baseball Classic, too. Bad rule then, bad rule now. You want base runners? Earn them.
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Pittsburgh Pirates
19/05/2019 21:32
Polanco ain't got no brains.....was acting like a first grader in the dugout during the 4 run 1st inning.... then walked in the third leading off..... slowly went back to 1st on a Bell flyout and was almost thrown out because of lack of effort.... then acted like he didn't know how many outs on the next batter when he flew out too..... almost thrown out again because of lack of effort.... then was picked off during moran's atbat..... just terrible......
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Baltimore Orioles
19/05/2019 13:15
He should be getting close to being a minor league free agent.
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Outside the Lines
18/05/2019 16:35
All hell would've broken loose if Trump had said anything different. Trump makes himself a target too often with some of the things that he says, he avoided it in this situation.... Trump would think it was great if he was the nominee though......Dunbocrats are homophobic though and won't vote for a man with a husband.....yeah yeah I know some thought that Michelle Obama. is a man.... but a first man in the WH ain't going to happen in our lifetimes,not openly anyway....
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Outside the Lines
18/05/2019 16:34
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Outside the Lines
18/05/2019 13:08
Summit news has some good stuff.
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Outside the Lines
18/05/2019 12:37
We need our own infrastructure. Quit complaining because they aren't going to change.Set it up while GOP controls the WH.
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Outside the Lines
18/05/2019 00:58
About that rape exception...

I’m the President of Save The 1 – a global pro-life organization of over 450 who were conceived in rape (like me) and mothers who became pregnant by rape who are either raising their children, birthmothers, or post-abortive. Additionally, we have hundreds who were told to abort due to a pre-natal diagnosis. We value life and urge the Republic of Ireland to preserve the 8th Amendment.

It is simply barbaric to punish an innocent child for someone else’s crime. Punish rapists, not babies. I did not deserve the death penalty for the crime of my biological father. My own birthmother tried to kill me at 2 illegal abortions, and was pro-choice when we met 28 years ago, but today, we are thankful we were both protected from the horror of abortion, just as the women and children of Ireland are protected today.

Legalizing abortion for rape or other exceptions would send a message to our people group that our lives are worth less than anyone else’s. Imagine having an exception in cases of Asian babies, Jewish babies, or left-handed babies. The message sent is that these people are not worthy of living and did not deserve to be protected like everyone else. There would be an international outcry if such discrimination were even proposed.

Yet, it is the same for us, and we feel the sting of such hatred against or apathy toward our lives. The rape survivor mothers grieve how their children are systematically targeted and devalued, and they are not believed they were raped because they didn’t abort and because they actually love their children.

The Party of Compassion has none. (See my sig.)
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Outside the Lines
18/05/2019 00:35
Nobody wants to have sex with them anyway.
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Outside the Lines
17/05/2019 19:48

LA Times says Congress s/mandate that all private guns be locked up or fastened w/trigger locks.So what do you do when that burglar or molester is coming u the Fumble around w/a safe combination?
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Baltimore Orioles
17/05/2019 11:31
Oh I don't know; the Orioles look pretty capable.
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Outside the Lines
17/05/2019 03:21
I hope they fight among themselves and a bunch of them on the losing side stay home come election time.
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Outside the Lines
17/05/2019 03:18
Another way to combat the evils of whiteness.-and yellowness. Asian kids are gonna get screwed worst of all.

I can understand the reason behind this,and there is truth in the adversity thing.But a lot of kids w/good grades who have worked hard are going to be hurt by it.
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