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Outside the Lines
1 hour ago
Originally Posted by martin
Originally Posted by BaseBawl
Flu on the run. Somebody here keeps asking. It could also be the covid virus shoving it aside. They aren't sure. CDC has one child death so far this year from flu.

I don't believe this. If the precautions that we are taking to stop covid has stopped the flu, why haven't they stopped covid too?

The explanation is really pretty simple and pretty obvious to anybody who thinks about it for a moment, and it doesn't require science being unable to distinguish between a positive flu test and a positive covid test:

1. Covid is more highly communicable than influenza.
2. Lots of people got flu vaccinations last fall, before flu season even starts. NOBODY got covid vaccinations that early
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Outside the Lines
8 hours ago
Bear spray...
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Washington Nationals
10 hours ago
Would hate to see Schwarber hit leadoff against RHP.
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Outside the Lines
18 hours ago
Originally Posted by John Lease

I thought Martin was dying?

Dying for attention more likely.

Sigh, this is evidence of attention seeking behavior.

Just like Trump. Daddy never hugged you?

I'm not doing all that great... made some improvement yesterday but did not feel as good today.... still my heart rate is back to normal so I feel a lot better than I did before Monday....
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Outside the Lines
18 hours ago
obiden wants to ban ghost guns by EO...... If so gonna be lawsuits galore......A lot of places sell gun parts and you can actually buy enough after market parts to build your own guns.... I just bought a barrell to convert a glock 23 to a glock 32..... A 40 caliber to a 357 sig.... Some places like rockslide you can buy enough parts to make your own handguns.... but they are more expensive that way and not worth the trouble IMHO.... just buy one with a warranty built by a manufacturer...
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Outside the Lines
19 hours ago
Apparently they are worried about giving him the daily briefing.... "THINGS have changed" with the daily briefing........ must not be telling him anything for fear of him letting it out..He won't be there long... will be riding to the nursing home soon.... if he refuses...... they'll carry him out of there....Harris probably already packing...
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Outside the Lines
19 hours ago
Originally Posted by BaseBawl
Whattabout trump?

Well Trump stretches the truth, but gosh he's not as bad as these dumbocrats that just outright lie....
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 21:34
dems pass this bill in the house...... trying to steal future elections too..... yep take over the elections, eliminate the conservative media... and then get the guns..... they are moving towards communism..
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 17:59
They are having the hearing live now...... Republican woman giving these lowlife dumbocrats a double dose of reality.... dumbocrat tried to claim that the conservative media caused people to die by downplaying covid,....Just trying to claim all kinds of lies to get the conservatives shut down... Now even trying to cry racism.... not enough blacks on conservative media...
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 17:47
Now cuomo is accused of sexual harrassment.... Told his aide, " let's play strip poker"...
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Pittsburgh Pirates
Yesterday at 17:44

I just watched this video. It was nice to finally hear it from Lanny that lowlife drunk Frank Coonley fired him....the pirates should do everything possible to get him back......
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 15:51
If any of those kid pitchers have a great spring, put them in the rotation.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 14:16
Sher's upset that he has reopened what they called "children concentration camps"..... yep when Trump was president they claimed that he SEPARATED children from their families.... When Trump explained that the children were sent her WITHOUT their parents the dumbocrats/media claimed that he was lying..

Now illegal children are flooding the border BECAUSE of obiden and obiden has reopened the concentration camp and will probably put these poor poor kids in the cages that obama built.... But the liberal media is just fine with it as long as obiden does it... AOC though has a problem with it....
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 10:42
The starting pitchers gotta love this new, improved pen. For the last couple seasons they mustve felt pressure to be almost perfect because the pen stunk.

If Romero gets his act together this pen could be flat out some Cubs fans online pissed that the Cubs didnt re-sign Jeffress because the guy was their best reliever LY. Gotta hand it to Rizz, he waited out the market and signed some great deals.
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Outside the Lines
23/02/2021 23:06
Originally Posted by Lee
The reason they didn't take the Pennsylvania case was very simple -- it's up to STATE courts to interpret STATE law. In this case, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court interpreted the Pennsylvania Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court doesn't get to second guess a state supreme court on that court's interpretation of its own state constitution, any more than a state supreme court can second guess the U.S. Supreme Court on its interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

Except in 2000.
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Outside the Lines
23/02/2021 01:54
There is of course zero actual EVIDENCE that the virus came from a lab, but since you heard it from some right-wing hate Biden website, you of course believe it and repeat it.
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Outside the Lines
23/02/2021 01:11
Originally Posted by pogo
You got it exactly wrong. The extra votes were for candidates who won according to the initial count.
By the initial count, and the recount, in every case the Republican won.

The rest of the unattributed, standard bushwa is not worth commenting on.

He doesn't read for context.

But allowances should be made for the dieing 🙄
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Outside the Lines
22/02/2021 23:00
Then why do Fed taxes get sent, consistently, from Northern & Pacific Coast states to Southern?
Perhaps because people there are more prosperous? And people there do not need the help?

Look, here's the deal, wink .
I do not even hold the Southern economy against Southern Repub. politiicians. When the Dem. party was in power they were just as bad.
But the greatest number of states that refuse Fed help are Southern. What was an agrarian economy has never moved on to approach northern/Western relative prosperity.
Ever heard of the "Burned Over District"?
Although the reference is to the many millenial and utopian sects that rose in western New York state, it is also used for the never recovered farm district in the state. To this day it is the stepchild to general New York prosperity.
Some areas have never recovered from their rural roots.
Why is it cheaper in the South? Because they ARE POOR. at least outside the cities.
In my neighborhood, when I moved here, the greatest percentage of persons were first and second generation transplants from Tennessee and West Virginia.. Puerto Rican folks were tied with long term Anglo & Irish residents.
We were the easiest place to move to. Further south non-Black residents moved west. Mostly those folks have been pushed out by gentrification, or have assimilated with better jobs. but just after they moved we lost a lot of our industrialization.
But we STILL are a Mecca for transplants. And we are definately Rust Belt.
People do not move South for prosperity, or because of taxes. They move because they either have roots or want to find cheap or rural.
Glad that you are welcoming. Have fun with the more progressive attitudes that accompany transplants.
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Washington Nationals
22/02/2021 21:37
Jeremy Jeffress signed to minor league. Solid, low risk move. Dude is a former All Star who's had only 1 lousy season (2018), rebounded nicely last year.
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Outside the Lines
22/02/2021 16:57
Yeah pogo, yesterday I was depressed and I never get depressed Today I feel some better.I'm watching my heart rate and oxygen levels. The oxygen levels have always been good, but when I'm sitting the pulse is 68-74... then before today everytime that I got up my heart would quickly go up to 95 and sometimes over 100, just walking 10 ft.Then when I would sit back down, would go back to the mid 60's to low 70;s.....Today though the pulse rate is only going to the mid 80's when I walk around. I walked outside to the truck which is not far and I was give out when I got back, but heart rate was still in the 80;s. Today is the first day in about a week that I don't feel chest pressure around the heart area...

I've been researching LONG covid or long hawl covid and there needs to be more reporting on it....I called my doctor two weeks ago when it hit me again in the second week. She gave me a steroid pack and told me to take vitamin D3, vitamin c and zink...I hope that none of y'all get this.
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Outside the Lines
21/02/2021 20:41
No, nitwit, you're premise is bullshit.

As usual
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Outside the Lines
21/02/2021 20:39
Originally Posted by BaseBawl
Your basic premise is that the president MUST be there, but their senator is optional. In a state that wants to secede. You don't get paid to think, do you?

Well, evidently he's delirious.

I mean moreso
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Washington Nationals
21/02/2021 18:21
Ian Desmond just opted out for the second year in a row, he'll be 36 next year and has a $15 million contract with a $2 million buyout, I can't imagine that the Rockies will pick up his option. I wonder if the team will try to claim that Desmond effectively retired by sitting out two seasons in order to get out of the buyout money.
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Outside the Lines
21/02/2021 15:49
They are now pushing an increase of $9.50 per hour than increase to $15 an hour over 5 years....That's not gonna work......TOO much pork in the bill......
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Washington Nationals
21/02/2021 14:04
Maury needs to split his personal and work stuff into separate Twitter accounts, he makes the mistake of thinking that because he writes about interesting topics that he himself is interesting.
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