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Outside the Lines
13 hours ago
Jump to new posts Re: 2020 [by TBP]
I expect that Trump will be re-elected.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 23:54
Not enough of a difference to account for the fact that we had practically no mass murders until recent decades
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 16:59
Apparently the dumbocrat party here in ga had a plan to get their candidates elected. They requested a huge amount of absentee ballotsabout two weeks before election day.... bigger amounts in the bigger cities .....then on election day the people that had requested the ballots showed up to vote at the polls.When told that they had requested an absentee ballot, none of them knew anything about it and by law they were allowed to vote that day in person.....Then the election officials had to go back and take the absentee votes out......their hope was that many would not get taken out and counted twice,,,,,,the dumbocrat party of Ga was the one that requested these absentee ballots on behalf of these voters.

that's why abrams was so sure that she was gonna telling how many of her votes were illegal......
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 00:19

This movie was made in Macon in 1976. ....Three big stars played in this movie, Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones and Richard Pryer.i hadn't thought about this movie in years but saw it on tv the other night..... In the movie seen in this trailer, james Earl Jones jumped out of a cloth covered wood casket during a funeral. My dad made the casket for the movie. The box part was particle board but my dad made several tops that fit it out of balsa wood......what was strange about this was that my dad did not make those tops at his warehouse. He rented a building in those days where he built wood caskets on the weekends. My dad made the bottom at his warehouse but made those tops in our living room. Our house was so small that we couldn't even watch tv for two nights while he made them in there.....Think they paid him about $56 for the casket and $11 for each balsa wood top....
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Washington Nationals
10/11/2018 22:53
[Linked Image]
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Outside the Lines
09/11/2018 23:32
Republicans are eternally dumb.
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Outside the Lines
08/11/2018 21:47
The acting AG, Matthew Whitaker, thinks there should be limits on Mueller's investigation.
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Outside the Lines
07/11/2018 20:47
Trump came out today and stated that he wanted to work with the dumbocrats to serve the American people.... he did that so that when they get power and start acting crazy, it's gonna make them look even worse....they'll yell impeach... but they won't be able to and they will be dealt with in 2020 as a huge 1984 type of red wave returns.....
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Outside the Lines
07/11/2018 20:42
Oh the fake news liberals are all worked up.... it's the end of the world....
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Outside the Lines
07/11/2018 03:31
looks like mixed results, certainly not a slap down of trump but not another red wave hours extended here in ga......
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Outside the Lines
07/11/2018 03:14
see ya..... drunk...... BSDNC just called the race for Cruz......Beto had one thing going for him.... like a Obama he was a loud mouth bullshooter,,,,,,,didn't work in texas though..
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Outside the Lines
04/11/2018 21:14
Trump speaking to a massive crowd here in macon..... fooey on FNC for not showing the whole speech...
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Baltimore Orioles
03/11/2018 21:04
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Washington Nationals
03/11/2018 17:36
It's now official. They announced it.
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Outside the Lines
03/11/2018 17:35
But it looks like a few of them are voting GOP.
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Outside the Lines
03/11/2018 17:33
They should do that also for Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez too.
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Outside the Lines
03/11/2018 17:33
Lock him up!
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Outside the Lines
03/11/2018 14:42
darn it.... joy was in macon yesterday with abrams.... if I had known that, I would've gone out there and waited in line to get her autograph.....Apparently the election is over and Abrams has won..... joy talking like it's a done deal.....
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Outside the Lines
02/11/2018 00:34
My alma mater!
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Pittsburgh Pirates
01/11/2018 20:16
we should know soon if Harrison's contract will be bought out.... The Pirates need bats...
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Outside the Lines
30/10/2018 21:10
They fired Mitch Williams for saying something controversial. ESPN fired Curt Schilling and Britt McHenry for tweets. The Yankees severed connections with Ronan Tynan after he said something controversial. But will Mayo be fired? Not a chance.
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General Baseball Discussion
30/10/2018 20:39
I'm all for out of the box thinking, but this is perhaps more out of the box than any of us is used to.

The New York Mets hired Brodie Van Wagenen as their new General Manager. Van Wagenen, besides having one of the best names in baseball, is an agent with no front office experience. Even more interestingly, he has been the agent for Yoenis Cespedes, Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and several other Mets players. To avoid a conflict of interests, he has had to severa all ties to his agency, CAA. But he still knows what the players are thinking, and now he is in position to use that knowledge against them.

I can see potential conflicts here. What do you think of this move?
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Washington Nationals
29/10/2018 02:01
According to Scott Boras, Bryce Harper has already selected his team for 2019 and beyond. The interesting phraseology here is that "it's already completed and done."

Until 5 days after the World Series, there is only one team that is allowed to talk to him.

In an interview with the YES Network, Scott Boras indicated that Bryce Harper has already decided what team he wants to play for in 2019.

Harper will hit free agency 10 days after the World Series ends, and according to Boras it's already a done deal where he'll end up. Boras stated, "We know who the team is. It's already completed and done, but Bryce has told me that he wanted to tell you personally." It's not surprising to see Boras trying to steal headlines hours before a potential clinching World Series game. Now the speculation can run wild as to where Harper has decided he wants to play next season and beyond.
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Outside the Lines
29/10/2018 01:15
How A KGB Double Agent Saved Britain And Won The Cold War For The West
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Baltimore Orioles
29/10/2018 01:12
Ben Cherington has been mentioned as a possible GM candidate. He would be a terrific pick. They should hire him or Bloom. (SF should hire the other.)
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