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Outside the Lines
4 hours ago
Not tonight, Martin. Bryce Harper put on quite a show in the Homerun Derby. I sure hope he stays in D.C. It will be a downer if he leaves.
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Pittsburgh Pirates
15/07/2018 21:05
Get out the damn brooms!!!!!!!! raise it....... Hurdle did everything possible to lose this game but they still won anyway.......Greg Brown's voice is gonna need the break to recover...
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Baltimore Orioles
15/07/2018 20:47
Wish they would. I hold my breath every game hoping he doesn't get hurt.
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Outside the Lines
15/07/2018 00:09
Let's see what happens when she gets out in the open.

At least she got rid of that overly teased hairdo.
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Outside the Lines
15/07/2018 00:07
Even if you accept that everything in the new indictments is true, there is still no connections to President Trump or his campaign.
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Outside the Lines
13/07/2018 22:56
One of my nephews married an Obama loving woman....She marches in all of the lowlife marches in Atlanta....wears a not my president t shirt.... would be great at this job as this is exactly what she does at Ga state university in Atlanta........ofcourse she doesn't care much for me....and the feelings are mutual..

She's the typical type that marches, been fired from three different teaching jobs in recent years,is a freeloader.....wanted my sister to buy her a NEW car because her far left wacko parents took her car back from her at age 30....
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Outside the Lines
13/07/2018 02:51
The cowards' way.

They couldn't handle it.
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Outside the Lines
13/07/2018 00:08
Jackson lee showed how dumb that she is today at the hearing.The dumbocrats really earned that title today,,,,
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Baltimore Orioles
12/07/2018 00:23
What ever deal we make can we throw in Beckham? He was a bad at short and he is even worse at third. Just cost Bundy 5 runs. Damn
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Baltimore Orioles
11/07/2018 16:10
Getting a win and a save in 2 nites against MFY w/make Britton even more enticing the the RSox.
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Baltimore Orioles
11/07/2018 10:41
'fraid so
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Baltimore Orioles
06/07/2018 19:57
If you're too good, your relatives wind up fighting over the disposition of your frozen head. Better to be a .260 hitter with a couple of gold gloves.
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Outside the Lines
06/07/2018 03:52
Special Ed.
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Outside the Lines
05/07/2018 13:55
When the likes of Pelosi and Schumer are being tagged as being too conservative, it's frightening.
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Pittsburgh Pirates
05/07/2018 01:39
The team has given up, quit..... need to back the truck up and trade/unload most all of the veteran position players... After watching this season I'd say trade Bell and Dickerson too. Hurdle needs to be fired.... just start over, keep Meadows and let the rest bad as Diaz has been behind the plate, I'd keep him too....
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Baltimore Orioles
04/07/2018 23:07
totally dumb signing from the start
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Baltimore Orioles
04/07/2018 12:40
It was always a thrill to see the Orioles bat. Brooksie was a star in that game-lifetime over .300 I think.
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Baltimore Orioles
02/07/2018 22:48
They only have 1 pitcher to care about; the rest are cannon fodder. My big concern on that team is about 4 hitters.
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Outside the Lines
02/07/2018 15:32
He's why you need as many reliable conservatives as possible.
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Outside the Lines
02/07/2018 00:41
all kinds of freakazoids came out for this....BLM and all of the other racists groups were there.The commies were there yelling abolish ICE.... It was a fiasco.....
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Baltimore Orioles
30/06/2018 23:47
The ball explodes off that kid's bat.
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Washington Nationals
29/06/2018 19:57
Originally Posted by TBP
Montero is still available.

Obama lies, Granny dies, lick my inner thighs.
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Outside the Lines
29/06/2018 01:13
Rosenstein is an Ahole..... could clearly see today that he's a crook, a lowlife....a piece of trash....Will be fired just as soon as this witch hunt is over if he's not impeached before that....
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Baltimore Orioles
28/06/2018 20:47
Yacabonis isn't gonna be any help either. Throws up one fat pitch after another.
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Washington Nationals
28/06/2018 13:06
Originally Posted by Deep Fried Screech
[Linked Image]
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