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Baltimore Orioles
8 hours ago
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 23:03
They just said on the broadcast that 10% of the players are making 90% of the money.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 11:51

Defense spending is below standard and they won't to decrease it more. Want to throw out our ambassador because he called them on it,

Western Europe is one giant leech! Has been for decades.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/03/2019 19:31
Stats say that approx 10% of minor leaguers eventually make the majors - mostly for just a few days. The bonus babies are few and far between. Most players make something approx. 12 thou. for the year.
They do not get paid for spring training.
Couldn't find the overall stat. but did find that if each team payed each of its minor leagers $30 thou, that would come to 7.5 million.
The cost of a 4th outfielder free agent.
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Los Angeles Angels
19/03/2019 16:13
The Angels agreed to a new deal with Mike Trout for 12 years worth $430 million, shattering the prior record by $100 million.

The Angels have agreed to a record-shattering contract with superstar outfielder Mike Trout, according to’s Jeff Passan. Trout stands to earn more than $430MM over the next dozen years if the deal is finalized, per the report, meaning that it would add at least ten years and $363.5MM to Trout’s preexisting contract.

The new agreement will not include any opt-outs, per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times (via Twitter). Trout also maintains full no-trade protection, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports on Twitter.

It’s a contract befitting Trout’s status as a player of historic excellence. The peerless center fielder was two years from free agency, playing on the remainder of his earlier six-year extension, but decided to commit the rest of his prime to the organization that drafted and developed him.
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New York Yankees
19/03/2019 01:44
The Yankees signed LHP Gio Gonzalez to a minor-league deal. (The 40-man roster is full.) The deal pays $3 million if he makes the major leagues.

He's not a minor-league pitcher. If he doesn't go north, it's only because he signed so late.

I've seen a fair amount of Gio. He's a good pitcher -- not an ace, but a strong 3. Between 2010 and 2017, Gonzalez threw over 1,500 innings of 3.41 ERA ball, only once failing to make thirty starts in a season.

He apparently has an April 20 opt-out if he's not in the major leagues.

Severino and Sabathia will start the season on the injured list (that still sounds funny), and Tanaka and Paxton have injury histories, so Gio should get plenty of starts. Kind of the "utility" pitcher -- starting for Paxton for a while, for Tanaka for a while, etc.

I like this move a lot.
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Baltimore Orioles
18/03/2019 15:32
Originally Posted by carolina
Wright is AAAA.

Your too kind.
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Baltimore Orioles
18/03/2019 15:31
Its kind of sad that Hyde is excited because Davis hits a single and hit two other ball for outs. That's what it has come to.
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Cleveland Indians
17/03/2019 19:12
Jump to new posts Salaries [by pogo]
The Cleveland Indians are getting attacked for cutting salary.
According to Sportrac, their approx. salary last year was 135 million.
This year it's 124 m. (We got 5 mill, plus Jake Bauers for our star rookie, Yandy Diaz. So we are also milking the minors.)
They got rid of their All Star catcher, Yan Gomes, dumping his 7 million salary. I was appalled.
For a team whose quality is it's starting rotation, that seemed indefensible.

Brantley left in free agency. He would have more highly paid - but a free agent in a buyer's market. Others like Encarnacion were basically replaced at the same level.
They also did not re-sign more than half of their quality relievers

The reason that I am posting here is that I looked up a few other team salaries to get an idea for comparison.
Figures vary whether you include reserve salaries, bonuses or whatever. But the trend is clear.

Sportrac lists Baltimore @ 62 mill.

Red Sox @ 223 mill.(They're still paying Manny Ramirez 2 mill/yr. grin)
The White Sox 80 mill.
The MF Yankees, 207 mill. (They're still paying 6 mill to retirees.)
The Twins, 116 mill.

Among other successful teams,
Dodgers were at 191 mill.
Braves @ 109 mill.

The team that I would pick out as the most successful small market team, the Brewers, is at 120 mill for this year.
Compare that to the sad Pirates @ 59 mill.
I know that the MFY and Boston each have substantial non-attendance revenues. I would think that would be true of LA & Atlanta.
But according to the Sheehan newsletter and others, the cheap teams have huge distributed revenue from the league - and are taking a lot of it as profit.

So I am not as pissed at the Indians as previously. But am pissed at the system. Cleveland is lucky in developing cheap rookies - and not having to compete with the $$$ of the ilk of the MFY etc.

A depressing post, but anyone want to comment?

-Also posted on the O's Board
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Washington Nationals
17/03/2019 03:47
The Nationals signed LHRP Tony Sipp to a one-year deal.

It’s a one-year, $1.25MM contract that includes a $250K buyout on a $2.5MM mutual option, per reports from Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post and Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Sipp, a 35-year-old southpaw, bounced back in the results department last season after two rough campaigns in Houston. He finished 2018 with 38 2/3 innings of 1.86 ERA pitching over 54 appearances — quite an improvement over the 5.33 ERA he had maintained over his prior 81 frames. As Sipp’s low innings tallies suggest, he has been used primarily as a left-on-left specialist. That also means the earned runs outcomes probably aren’t the best means of measuring his usefulness on the hill.

Looking beneath the hood, Sipp has generally maintained solid K/BB numbers throughout his career. In five years in Houston, he carried 9.9 K/9 against 3.2 BB/9 and rarely strayed too far from those means. The difference between his good and bad years, more than anything else, has been his ability to limit the long ball.

This looks like a good depth signing.
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Washington Nationals
17/03/2019 03:40
That's funny.
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General Baseball Discussion
17/03/2019 03:34
Here is a good article by MLB Network's Joel Sherman (of the New York Post) on the impending rules changes in baseball, for this year and for 2020. What do you think of the new rules?
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Outside the Lines
16/03/2019 20:14
Abuse of power.
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Baltimore Orioles
16/03/2019 15:15
I wouldn't give up on Carroll right now. Tate, I agree, I'm not optimistic about him.
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Baltimore Orioles
16/03/2019 00:21
Originally Posted by Wadester
Am i missing something. He gives up 4 runs in 5 innings and everyone is raving about how well he threw? I don't get it. I think his arm is toast.

All of the pitchers are lousy, and they're saying that about all of them (how good they're throwing). Right now, I think this team could lose 120 games or more.
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Washington Nationals
15/03/2019 11:30
Originally Posted by TBP
Withe the release of Sammy Solis, the chances of another lefty such as Nuno making the club increased.

This site provides a treasure trove of thoughtful information. And to think that it's FREE to post here ?! Wow, sitting here, just trying to gather it all in.
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Outside the Lines
14/03/2019 21:20
I can't believe that the kids didn't know, nor that Felicity Huffman's husband didn't.

However, sending armed FBI guys to arrest her was excessive.
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Pittsburgh Pirates
13/03/2019 01:25
Lyons and lyles both suck..... Huntington must be smoking something.... bucs headed for a last place finish with these type guys...
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Baltimore Orioles
12/03/2019 18:09
I'd go w/that too, but only if he's a top-notch hitter.
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Washington Nationals
11/03/2019 21:27
Her name is Alex Chappell. She's MASN's new field reporter, with Dan Kolko going upstairs to replace Johnny Holliday on the pregame and postgame shows.
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Washington Nationals
11/03/2019 16:11
The only thing safe to predict in free agency -- is that whatever you predict, the opposite happens.

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Baltimore Orioles
11/03/2019 00:05
Adam Jones signs with the dbacks..... one yr $ 2 million..... gosh wish the Pirates would've signed him for that.....
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Outside the Lines
10/03/2019 05:39
Then there was the hoopla from Some Black Lives Matter and other leftist dingbats over Jussie who was so cruelly attacked in Chicago by 2 Trump supporters. I knew that was a scam from the beginning when he claimed they said "this is Trump country". There AREN'T 2 Trump supporters IN Chicago!
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Baltimore Orioles
09/03/2019 14:57
Send Mullins down if he's not hitting.Put some scrub in center till someone takes the slot.I'm hesitant to bring up Hays and Diaz based just on a hot ST camp unless the brass thinks they've shown enough. I've seen a lot of hot spring training hitters wilt once the opening gun sounded. Neither hit last year in the (O's) minors.I've done a 180 from the "Play the Kids" era.I want them ready before they come up.
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Outside the Lines
05/03/2019 01:47
This is an old article.....apparently the concept didn't work too well....In a case like that, they risk losing members that they already have.....our church has a large group of young adult families that often get together and drink.they have a section of the church where they usually sit together.....

That's not the way to grow churches. they could have a men's cooking team, a shooting club where the group gets together on Saturdays and goes shooting.i've thought we should build a fitness club and allow members or regular attendees to work out there for free...there's just planty of things that a church can do without serving beer.... I mean gosh.....
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