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Baltimore Orioles
51 minutes ago
I listened to that Wilhelm no-hitter every pitch
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Outside the Lines
1 hour ago
Great Britian was apparently helping the Obama regime trying to get trump. They are apparently worried now that their role in the corruption might be exposed too. .......
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Outside the Lines
15 hours ago
never liked that rainbow flag anyway.....
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 22:55

Romney mentioned kavannaugh in 2012, this woman first mentioned an assault in 2012, perhaps she thought Romney might win and she was setting up against kavannaugh then.....
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 19:53
Manny Acta Retweeted‏
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Sep 11

You don't become a team just because you practice, travel or play together. You become a team when you trust each other, keep each other accountable,
allow each other to have a voice, can offer feedback to each other and respect each other while pursuing the same goal.
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 19:45
Nass gate da Glassy pee-shore Shunn Romayro guy.
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 19:23
This thread belongs on page 1.

[[Linked Image]

Mark me down as being saddened too that Robles wasn't called up in August.

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Pittsburgh Pirates
19/09/2018 01:35
hurdle has way over used Vazquez....shut him down for the year..... now game tied....
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Outside the Lines
17/09/2018 19:54
They'll look at everything. When the election's over, he s/stop the thing.
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Outside the Lines
16/09/2018 21:38
Not the first time.Kennedy and a bunch of other contemptible Dem Senators went to SU in 1984 and told them they'd get rid of Reagan. Same thing. Nothing is beneath the left.
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Baltimore Orioles
16/09/2018 18:08
It a very vibrant when the leftists, wrong as they were,were here.
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Outside the Lines
15/09/2018 16:44
yeah I was hoping that she would win too..... but liberal logic proves that Cuomo is now a racist, bigot,homophobe for beating her.....
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Outside the Lines
15/09/2018 16:41
I always enjoy watching her show.Like most of the shows on the fake news networks she goes out and finds the biggest misfits and lowlifes in society and brings them in as "experts"......It's hilarious what these folks come up with.Her show went off a couple of hours ago, I'm still laughing..... couldn't concentrate on lifting weights earlier because I was laughing at that poor woman and her quests.....
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Pittsburgh Pirates
15/09/2018 00:37
25 pitches into the game...... down 3-0.... one out.......not worth even one of the players that was traded for him...
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Outside the Lines
15/09/2018 00:08

This lady would have been perfect for this board when the liberals posted here......All liberals should be required to watch her videos before they vote....
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Outside the Lines
14/09/2018 23:58

this lady has Obama pegged......she needs to speak at the RNC in 2020
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Outside the Lines
14/09/2018 23:26
woodward stated today that he looked hard and could not find ANY Russian collusion....
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Outside the Lines
14/09/2018 23:15
Liberal media freaking out over the manafort plea deal....another great big bombshell that's too small to even make a noise.....If manafort had any major dirt on trump, he would've had all charges dropped. They gave him the deal to tell them about his Russian connections,and they want to get rid of him and didn't want to waste time going to court again on a person that has already been convicted on a number of serious charges.....
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Outside the Lines
14/09/2018 20:33
For those of you that wondered WHY Mueller's team cancelled a meeting with the porn star in june.... now we know.... she and her lowlife slip and fall lawyer were working for/with Clinton and Obama as early as 2016 to ruin trump. Mueller's team was apparently shut down by Obama's fears that his role in this plot would be exposed to the public.
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Baltimore Orioles
14/09/2018 17:56
for management to prove they are serious about the rebuild, and being active in the international market. Victor Victor has been declared a free agent by MLB and is free to sign with a big league team. Go get him DD, you have the money.
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Outside the Lines
14/09/2018 14:16
oral office
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Outside the Lines
13/09/2018 22:25
these weather reporters have been telling people to get out of the storm's path for days.... now these fools are standing right out there in the storm, putting their lives in danger....
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Baltimore Orioles
13/09/2018 15:22
Jones is out the door, which is a shame.
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Baltimore Orioles
13/09/2018 15:20
I don't know if it's the scouting or the coaching-or both.Carroll seems like a lot of Oriole prospects: great arm, good stuff, no location.That's coaching, not scouting.
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Outside the Lines
13/09/2018 14:48
The Times would lie??????
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