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Outside the Lines
8 hours ago
How is this not witness intimidation?

Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer has urged anyone "who cares about America" to steer clear of hotels run by Gordon Sondland's Provenance Hotels.

But then, Blumenauer is a known fascist. I bet this is why Sondland made teh statement he did.
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Outside the Lines
9 hours ago

Key impeachment witness Fiona Hill told Congress the Russians targeted both President Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016 to ensure whoever won the presidency would be damaged when taking office.

Hill, the Trump administration's former Russia expert on the National Security Council, said Thursday the Russians targeted both presidential candidates in 2016 "to delegitimize our entire presidency.”

“The goal of the Russians was really to put whoever became the president, by trying to tip their hands on one side of the scale, under a cloud,” she said.

And the political conflict that has resulted was just what Russia wanted.

Just what I've been arguing on this and other threads.
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Outside the Lines
10 hours ago
CNN now breaking the news... i'm guessing it's baker..... the hammer is about to drop and CNN is acting like they don't know anything about this..... Been covering the hoax up for years but they are just now learning what was really going on.... yeah..... right
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Outside the Lines
10 hours ago

Virginia counties fighting back against these lowlife dumbocrats
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Outside the Lines
11 hours ago
be interesting to see what they do now.... probably find someone else to payoff to get to testify that trump is a chump....Lindsey graham already going after records involving Biden..... They don't want this to get to the senate, will use a number of excuses not to vote, including that it will hurt senate candidates by taking them off of the campaign trail.... the vote will be to censure....
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Outside the Lines
11 hours ago
Those two lowlifes that testified today only hurt the dumbocrats... the holmes dude was smug and you could easily tell that he was lying and a lowlife and 7/8.... the hill woman looked like a tranny, asnd she or it was angry and filled with hate..... sad that out of all of these witnesses the only one in the bunch that should've ever worked for the government was Volker.... rest of them not qualified or fit....
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Outside the Lines
11 hours ago
lowest rating debate yet.... all of them looked and sounded terrible...
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Outside the Lines
11 hours ago
This is one of of the reasons why the dumbocrats won't vote to impeach.... GOP will bring all of this stuff out in the senate and not only will Trump not get removed, the whole dumbocrat party will get exposed and damaged beyond repair....A senate trial together with the IG report will put the whole dumbocrat party into a downward spiral...
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Outside the Lines
12 hours ago
Ukraine was doing the investigation BEFORE Trump called them.

Myth: President Trump was trying to force Ukraine to reopen a probe into Burisma Holdings and its founder Mykola Zlochevsky when he talked to Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in July of this year.

The Facts: Trump could not have forced the Ukrainians into opening a new Burisma investigation in July because the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office had already done so on March 28, 2019, or three months before the call.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 23:52
Obama is a racist.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 03:38
WTH? I guess they're playing the health card on those two guys. Only another bottom feeding team would waste a roster space on them.
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Outside the Lines
19/11/2019 23:36
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Baltimore Orioles
19/11/2019 20:48
This exchange came up in a chat from MLB Trade Rumors:

2:39 What could we get in return for Bundy and or villar? I don’t see Mancini getting traded quite yet
Steve Adams
2:44 Villar's arb price tag and the saturated 2B market mitigate a lot of his value. I'd imagine they can still command some low-level minor league guys with upside -- the type who slide into the back half of a club's top 30 and have some helium potential -- but I don't think he'll have huge value.

Bundy's reduced fastball, home run troubles and waning club control (through 2021) aren't a great recipe for trade value. But the swinging-strike profile is still pretty appealing, and there's not much out there. I'd put his value at less than that of a Jon Gray but still someone with some legitimate marketability.

Also think the O's should be very open to moving Mancini, for what it's worth.

The times are Central. The chat's ongoing as I type this, if you're interested.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/11/2019 19:47
The Orioles have six farm clubs. The Yankees have eight! A number of other teams have more than five.

If a team chooses not to hve more than fie affiliates, fine. If they choose to have more, I don't see why that's a problem.

Interestingly, a few of these teams on the list have current player development contracts that last until 2022. (Binghamton, for example.) That alone might cause a lawsuit or two.
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Baltimore Orioles
19/11/2019 15:33
Brian was a much better player than HOF'er Bill Mazeroski, who also played 2nd. There's no doubt in my mind. He was a complete player while Maz was known for his defense only. He was actually a weak hitter, and he damn sure couldn't do what Brian did on the basepaths. I think he got elected for that one homerun in the world series to beat the skanks. However, Roberts is tainted by the steroid issue. I would not vote for him.
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Outside the Lines
19/11/2019 03:35
Good. their economy is fundamentally weak.

And we might have to reconsider a lot of our spending.
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Outside the Lines
19/11/2019 02:32

Telsa won't be around much longer the big car companies are going electric and their market will disappear...
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Outside the Lines
19/11/2019 02:20
Hopefully someone will tell this to the pope
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Outside the Lines
19/11/2019 02:05
Obama pajama boy....... he's fled his home.....
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Washington Nationals
18/11/2019 23:36
Hey Senator, good to see you.
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Outside the Lines
18/11/2019 21:58
The Supreme Court would overrule and action taken because of these irregularities.
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Outside the Lines
18/11/2019 21:56
China and Russia will walk all over Biden. But his regime w/b hell on dissenters in the US just as Obama's was.
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Outside the Lines
18/11/2019 21:52
The man, woman and children family holds up society, and it's crumbling.Whether co-habiters are as satisfied or not, that lifestyle is growing in popularity.
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Outside the Lines
17/11/2019 04:18
Nobody famous today that I can find.
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General Baseball Discussion
17/11/2019 03:51

The value of older players has turned into one of several hot-button issues in baseball, as many free agents in their 30s have seen their markets fade or just vanish altogether. Yet in this copycat industry, will clubs look to emulate the Nationals, who fielded the oldest roster (25-man plus the injured list) as of mid-August with an average age of 30.8, as per Major League Baseball’s data?

I don’t think we’ll see an 180-degree turn from the turn toward youth, nor should we. After all, 21-year-old Juan Soto played a huge role in Washington’s success. However, don’t be surprised if more teams trying to win now — and I do think more clubs will be in that mode for 2020 — appreciate that, say, a $4-million veteran (that’s how much Washington’s 36-year-old postseason hero Howie Kendrick made this year) slotted for a specific role might bring more to the table than an untested youngster.

“I think (experience) becomes a factor once the middle of the season starts hitting, when the newness of the season has worn off but now you’re getting into the day-to-day grind of everything,” said DeJong, 26, who has logged three years in the major leagues. “That’s when experience, I think, can find a way to get a hit in your fourth at-bat, or find a way to get on base and work a walk instead of striking out.

“I think it comes down to an accumulation of a bunch of little things over the course of a season. And I think just with more experience, the veteran guys are able to come out ahead in those little moments, those little battles.

“I don’t know what the math says, but it’s probably a hit a week’s difference between .250 and .300,” added DeJong; it’s actually about 1.2 hits a week. “So if you can get (1.2) more hit(s) a week, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but at the end of the season, it’ll add up. So having veteran leadership like that pushes those things in your favor, and you’re able to win those tight games.”

The World Champion Nationals were the oldest team in the major leagues in 2019, and hte American League Champion Astros had the second-oldest
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