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Baltimore Orioles
40 seconds ago
I just bet $100 we'd win the World Series. I'd win $6700. It's my first bet, so if I lose, they'll credit me $100 to bet on something else stupid. Commanders are probably a billion to 1 for the next Super Bowl.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 18:09
Some of the pitchers could pass through waivers IMO. An OF and 2 IF I wouldn't cry too hard over. 40 man.

The kids coming through the system the next couple of years will provide some nail biting decisions. They'll have to be protected in time. Our whole OF could be turned over, so could the whole IF not named Gunnar. Mountcastle doesn't seem threatened unless they convert an OF or two, which they might quite likely do. There are so many of them.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 16:17
Not me. I bought copper mining stock this week. Build and bomb, baby.
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 15:14
C'mon, Carolina. A young team this talented?
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Baltimore Orioles
25/01/2023 13:51
Another trading opportunity shot.

But look at all the talent we've already acquired.
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Cleveland Indians
24/01/2023 22:21
There is a high school in Arizona called Red Mesa High School. it is on the Navajo reservation and it's student body is 98% Navajo.

The Red Mesa athletic teams are called the Red Mesa Redskins.

Boy, those Navajos must hate Native Americans!
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Outside the Lines
24/01/2023 11:28
Seditious Conspiracy verdicts yesterday. That's the big one. 20 years worth.


How long can their spiritual guide remain uncharged?
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Outside the Lines
23/01/2023 20:48
Too many churches have made progressivism their religion.
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Outside the Lines
23/01/2023 20:47
Originally Posted by John Lease
Inflation is down.

It is not. When you're not insulting people, you flat-out lie, or you cultishly repeat the lies the disinformation media feeds you.

The ACTUAL cost of necessary items from groceries to gas to housing and clothing is vastly higher than it was three years ago.
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Outside the Lines
23/01/2023 20:45
Tax CUTS, increase revenues, not some kind of "crackdown" on wealth creators. There is no way they can get any significant revenue from the wealthy, and the wealthy can afford lawyers to fight them. They're going after US. And remember, teh IRS has long been politicized against political opponents. Remember Lois Lerner?
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Outside the Lines
23/01/2023 20:43
Once again, you are incapable of formulating an actual argument beyond insulting people.
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Outside the Lines
23/01/2023 20:42
I don't know why I waste time with you, Least. You're utterly incapable of formulating an argument beyond insulting people. Really pathetic.
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Outside the Lines
23/01/2023 20:41
He gave it away.
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Outside the Lines
23/01/2023 20:40
So you can't provide any evidence that "Trump [sold] our national secrets."
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Baltimore Orioles
23/01/2023 16:10
That thought's been occurring to me, too. MVP in the Fall league s/get him something.
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Baltimore Orioles
22/01/2023 17:34
I'd like him dealt as part of a package for somebody significant, not just a couple of mid-grade prospects. He by himself won't get what they need.
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Baltimore Orioles
20/01/2023 02:02
Gotta help. I won't even miss Boston, and they sucked.
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Baltimore Orioles
17/01/2023 20:10
I predate the gun. If the batter flinched, it was a fastball. If his knees buckled, it was the ol' dipsydoodle. If he landed on his ass, it was effectively wild.
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Baltimore Orioles
17/01/2023 01:10
Tomorrow, you can eat. I'll still be dieting.
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Outside the Lines
13/01/2023 15:22
The Biden Regime IS after free speech.
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Baltimore Orioles
13/01/2023 15:07
about time
So many of the young stars are Latino, now. Have to mine that.
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Baltimore Orioles
13/01/2023 14:18
I'm not interested in his politics, just his arm.
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Baltimore Orioles
13/01/2023 00:21
The fact that he is still out there has me wondering why.
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Baltimore Orioles
12/01/2023 16:33
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Baltimore Orioles
04/01/2023 03:23
I could work around it. Unpleasant though. I'll keep getting cured. Editorial note, I can almost guarantee the insurance protocol to pay for the surgery includes two failed injections. Went through a lot of that with my wife's crap over the years. You pull breast cancer outta your purse, and they don't say a damn thing. Do what you gotta do.

My best pet trick was a few bouts of AFIB a few years back. You wanna bypass the ER triage wienies for a cushy bed in the back, them's the magic words. I'm in AFIB! Can be whispered. But clutch your chest for effect.
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