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Baltimore Orioles
10 minutes ago
He can play, if only he would. We can non-tender somebody, and still sign them as a free agent.
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Outside the Lines
27/11/2021 16:53
I didn't eat large amounts of any of it.
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Baltimore Orioles
27/11/2021 15:48
We worked hard for it. That's for sure.
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Baltimore Orioles
24/11/2021 23:12
Loogy. Wonder if he'll have to pitch to three batters?
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Baltimore Orioles
24/11/2021 22:30
He's probably worth taking a chance on. Hopefully they can work with him to improve his command. Pitchers that can get it up to triple digits is what we need.
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Outside the Lines
24/11/2021 18:51
The 3 guys convicted of murder in Arbery case. Maybe the assholes won't riot now.
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Baltimore Orioles
23/11/2021 22:54
I like to think things over a bit.
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Outside the Lines
23/11/2021 19:42

White leftists ok black criminality which assumes blacks are unable to be any better. That's racism, Sharpton says.Stopped clock or not, the guy's absolutely right.
In fact, most progressive thought is based on the supposed inferiority of non-whites.
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Baltimore Orioles
22/11/2021 22:45
not terrible idea, W.
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Baltimore Orioles
22/11/2021 20:01
I for one will not miss Severino. His bats was helpful at times but behind the plate I found him to be extremely frustrating. I thought he was extremely lazy behind the plate, often swiping at wide pitches with his glove rather than moving his body to block the ball. I also thought his glove positioning at times when the pitches were thrown low or in the dirt were opposit of what I thought it should have been. Tip down, tip up, that sort of thing. Nice guy....probably a good clubhouse guy but I think the pitching staff will fare better with a more aggressive guy behind the plate.
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Baltimore Orioles
22/11/2021 19:24
It's what we have the most of.
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Outside the Lines
22/11/2021 17:28
Person of interest in custody. Both sides gearing up the politics, I'm sure.
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Baltimore Orioles
21/11/2021 23:04
Originally Posted by mikezpen
Bill, one yr. of their rebuild was killed by the pandemic.Don't forget, the minors didn't play in 2020. Elias had no control over that. They drafted No. 2 in 2020 and that guy goes down w/a heart ailment and is just getting back. Elias isn't to blame for that. He came on in Nov. 2018, and he's had 2 ( real) years to rebuild.

I think you'll see some benefits of that this year. Plus, they get the No. 1 pick.

I hope Mike I hope, I have been watching shite baseball for far too long.
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Outside the Lines
18/11/2021 19:41
The decay of our culture,
these mounds of contamination of our whole cultural life,
the decomposition of our literature,
the poisoning of our theaters, of our movies,
all the art is now falling for it.

Millions of you do not participate any more.
It does not appeal to them any more.
This art was not born from our people.
It is alien to us and will remain alien.
It has nothing to do with the western character and did not come from our soul.
It was imposed on us by our subversive press which had made it palatable.

And parallel to this already the assault against the education of our children’s brains
the tearing out of all the memories of our proud past,
the insult to all our great men and people,
the removal of its memory from the heart and the brain
and out of our youth and with it a large defilement of our history.

Nothing of what was once great,

nothing of what helped create this great nation
to make it strong was spared from these corroding and corrosive attacks
Everything is demolished starting from the symbols of the past,
from the cockades and flags to the great men of our history.

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Outside the Lines
18/11/2021 17:26
Both of them are jokes, and the left doesn't want that.
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Baltimore Orioles
18/11/2021 01:08
We had a total of 52 wins last year I would not get my hopes up.
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Outside the Lines
17/11/2021 22:31
yeah-intimidated by threats to riot.

I hope there's no introduction of lessor offenses to consider so they can jail the kid for a short term in hopes of satisfying the left.
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Outside the Lines
16/11/2021 14:14
On friday they had a biker funeral here where they had a lot of bikers come to it. i just happened to be headed to the funeral home to make a delivery and the funeral was coming out as I was getting there. I had to stop to let the funeral out.... Must have been 30 bikers, one had a flag on the back that said F biden and it had the F word spelled out. Can't even go to a funeral without seeing Americans express their feelings about biden..
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Outside the Lines
15/11/2021 19:38
Now, instead of volunteers, they have to stick taxpayers with the costs of hiring people. But now they can have a diverse docent corps-right. Let's see how many blacks they get to do this. The quality of this place will go down because they threw away the volunteers and public funding won't make up for their loss.
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Baltimore Orioles
13/11/2021 19:35
Another slo-baller who tops out at 90. We've brought a couple of them w/great minor league numbers to the Majors, and they've been nothing more than a tasty meal.Not saying a junker can't ever make it, but how many Jamie Moyers or Tom Glavines have there been?
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Outside the Lines
08/11/2021 23:27
all sounds good-particularly the actions of blue state voters.

Republicans swept open seats on school boards and boards of supervisors/ boro councils here in some Central Pa. jurisdictions.
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Baltimore Orioles
08/11/2021 19:06
I looked at Gausman's career this morning. Kind of meh. Flashes of success across the medicare gaps.
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Baltimore Orioles
06/11/2021 18:01
Make the Orioles Great Again.
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Baltimore Orioles
06/11/2021 11:09
286 innings in 8 seasons. Three dozen frames a year. That's actually better than I would have guessed.
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Baltimore Orioles
04/11/2021 00:04
Now he is in the Orioles’ top 10 and is their third-highest rated pitching prospect following right-hander Grayson Rodriguez and lefty DL Hall. Some in the O’s front office believe when Bradish is at his best, his talent can rival the other two and they are both top 100 pitchers.
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