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Outside the Lines
6 hours ago
my mom reminded me of a story today, In the late 1970's aaron came to macon to speak one afternoon. My dad was working at the city of macon and the mayor knew my dad was a baseball fan and invited him to come along with some of his staff and see Hank. My dad went and enjoyed his speech.... He was all excited although he didn't get to meet him or anything.... One of the ladies that worked in city hall went too and my dad said that after that everytime that he went inside city hall that the lady wanted to talk about hank Aaron. My dad thought it was funny that she had a crush on him at first.He grew tired of the lady talking about him over the next year though and refused to go into city hall when she was there...
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Outside the Lines
7 hours ago
I didn't even watch any of it.... but heard it was by far the worst inauguration speech in history...
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Outside the Lines
7 hours ago
Not sure exactly what that will be, but everything is gonna be built from scatch and these lowlife liberal companies like google fakebook and youtub are all gonna be obsolete in a few years if this gets done and conservatives leave....
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Outside the Lines
7 hours ago
your memory must be like grandpa obiden's....
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Baltimore Orioles
Yesterday at 19:56
Nothing cheap about that HR, either.

Agree on Hank, Carolina.Just like Maris' 61* and Ruth's 60.
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 14:20
Big MASN news last night. They fired all of the Orioles pre-game and post-game hosts and announced that those shows have been cancelled. That means that Kolko and everyone else except for Bob and FP are probably gone as well. The plan is to use the in game announcers for 15 minute segments before and after each game. All of the weekly shows have also been cancelled.

MASN fired Jim Hunter, Mike Bordick, Dave Johnson, Tom Davis, Rick Dempsey and Gary Thorne. By contract MASN needs to have the exact same budget and treatment for both the Os and Nats, so I'm wondering if they had the budget for that line-up for the Os why Nats fans just had Bo Porter and Dan Kolko. Must be the Lerners were pocketing the extra cash.

Lots of speculation about what this means and whether it was done to screw the Nats. I can see where it makes sense for Angelos, he owns about 80% and those shows were probably not bringing in much profit. He can produce the same shows for the Os under the Orioles team budget and not have to pay the cost for the Nats. This leaves the Lerners having to make a decision on whether to not have any daily or weekly shows or to have to have the team fund them. Britt Ghiroli had the scoop and called this unprecedented, but I'm pretty sure that the Redskins funded the Larry Michael show that used to air on NBCSports along with some of the weekly shows. They are basically ads for the team so it makes sense that they'd by paid for by the teams.

Other speculation is whether the bubble has popped on the regional sports networks as has been predicted for many years. Lots of cord cutting going on and a lot of that is driven by non-sports fans who don't want to pay the fees that cable is charging.

One thing is for sure, MASN put the Nats in a bind by announcing this with a month before spring training. If the team wants to keep these shows going they are going to need to hire their own crew and rent out their own studio equipment. The end of MASN was always going to lead to a short term disruption, maybe this is it.
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Washington Nationals
Yesterday at 14:08
Originally Posted by SilverFox1
If they go after Realmuto fine, but they have to spend $$ to fix the bullpen. Not sure if Lerner is giving Rizzo the budget to accomplish both.

Probably you're right about the budget. With our starting rotation we can risk going into the season with a weaker bullpen. It is always possible to add relievers during the season if we are blowing too many games.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 03:03
I found this article to be unfair. To Wallace. at least he changed later in life, unlike the senile, racist grifter credibly accused ofsexual assault and in the pocket of the Red Chinese.

What is really at play here with President Biden, as with George Wallace, is identity politics. The original identity politics was slavery. After the abolition of slavery came the next installment of identity politics — segregation. The identity politics of today is the new segregation — identity politics being the son of segregation and the grandson of slavery. It’s all about race, and its practitioners can easily be called racial supremacists.

As I long ago detailed in this space, racism has been the political fuel for the Democratic Party since its inception.

The party was founded by slave owners. It wrote one platform after another supporting slavery. At its first convention after the Civil War, in 1868, with slavery abolished and segregation the new party doctrine, the party’s slogan was

This is a White Man’s Country, Let White Men Rule.

The point, of course, was to use race to win elections.

Nothing has changed with the Democratic Party. Today’s identity politics is nothing less than the politics of racial supremacy. Race trumps all.

Which, to bring us back to President Biden, is exactly what Biden, like Wallace before him, is all about: using racial supremacy to gin up his base and divide people for political purposes.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 02:45
Against Biden.

In a Tweet Wednesday evening, Greene said she will file the Articles of Impeachment against Biden on January 21, the day after he is sworn in as President of the United States.

The grounds are abuse of power related to his blackmailing Ukraine into dropping its investigation of Burisma.
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 02:29
great that trump offered his hotel to the guard for free...
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 02:29
Originally Posted by John Lease
Hey dum dum, articles are being sent Monday.

Gee, who predicted it would be swept away quietly?

That's a wrap.

trial delayed two weeks......dumbocrats running for the hills.... afraid.... upset at pelosi......trying to figure out what the h that they can do to dismiss quickly
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 01:05
other than michelle obama... this levine dude is the ugliest woman in dc..
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Outside the Lines
Yesterday at 00:38
Obiden is going to keep saying that things were much worse than even he thought. This is an effort to smear trump and to cover his inability to govern....The house dumbocrats are still after trump's tax returns. Their smear campaign will just continue on and on.The media wiull cover for obiden by making up bogus stories about trump.... notice that some had trump being arrested after leaving office. trump might face some civil suits but he won't be criminally charged much less conficted....

They have to keep the hate for trump on the front page, they can praise obiden but nobody cares about that fool.... they just hate trump....
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 23:41
found out today from a friend that an old friend of mine from the ghetto...... somebody that i used to know well.... was in DC and went inside the capital for a few seconds before coming out....and he got covid while there....Apparently he hadn't turned himself in, but they will get him if he had his cell phone on him at the time.They know exactly who was in there from their phones.... my buddy said that this guy went in late, didn't fight with police and just stayed in for a few seconds..... so he's probably low on the list but they will get him...
I hope this is not true, hadn;t seen or heard from this guy since we were kids... was a good kid in those days..
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 23:35
oh boy..... obiden just now got in and all of a sudden out of nowhere new cases are going down......
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Baltimore Orioles
22/01/2021 23:12
“On my tombstone,” he once said, “just write, ‘The sorest loser that ever lived.’”
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Washington Nationals
22/01/2021 21:17
Yes, no stepping out between pitches and limit the music played during at bats. The home teams use sound effects to give their hitters more time to set up.
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Washington Nationals
22/01/2021 21:15
I disagree, the impact players make at least ten times as much per season as they could make fixing games. Plus, legalized gambling makes it harder to hide cheating. Too many stats being tracked, a big variation in the betting line would get noticed.

Maybe the umps could fix a game but they are being tracked too and legal betting is harder to fix than illegal.
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 20:54
Originally Posted by DB 5
prove that bullshit

You know it isn't "bullshit," to use your elegant choice of phraseology. Family business associates hve confirmed that Joe was involved. There are emails and memos to prove it. But don't let that bother you. Just keep asserting that it's fake. Maybe if you repeat it enough it will become true.
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 20:51
In 1986, we amnestied 3 million illegal aliens. Now we have at least 11 million (officially) and probably a lot more. Why would we want to create an amnesty for the current batch of illegal aliens?

Illegal aliens reduce the jobs available to Americans and legal aliens and they reduce wages. They consume benefits we can't afford to pay. Why would we want to do this with so many people unemployed (due to Democrat lockdowns) and a mass of illegals heading for our border? Are they trying to hurt the American worker? I guess they need to expand the dependent underclass.

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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 20:47
Originally Posted by DB 5
Trump said he would drain the swamp. But as usual, he lied.

He tried. It turned out to be a bigger job than he anticipated. Her made a lot of progress on it, which Biden intends to undo.
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 20:44
Originally Posted by John Lease
Originally Posted by BaseBawl
Yeah, except Russia.

The non oligarchy part of Russia 🇷🇺

Lease, you liar, the Trump Administration was tougher on Russia than any of its predecessors, at least since the end of the Cold War. The imposed major sanctions on Russia, Russian entities, oligarrchs, Russian businesses, and people close to Putin. I know you don't like those facts, but they remain facts.

Biden, on his first day in office, took a significant action that kills thousands of American jobs and strengthens the hand of Russia and China. I guess you approve of that.
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 20:41
Originally Posted by martin
DB... be very careful about these fake polls.... They have lied and lied about Trump and this is yet another lie..... Heard he was going to pardon the criminals that caused the riot at the capital.... maybe his family and self too... He didn't pardon any of those rioters and probably didn't any of his family either as he could keep pardons secret...

They tell one lie after the next and the notion that most americans hate trump is a big lie..... Trump got millions more legal votes than biden did.....

He and his cohort don't care, Martin. I've said it before and I'll say it again. These are the rules by which the libs operate:

1. Truth is whatever serves the Party.
2. If you repeat something often enough, it becomes true.
3. If the facts contradict the narrative, the facts lie.
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 20:39
Now, will anything happen to these people? Not with their stooge Biden in the White House.
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Outside the Lines
22/01/2021 20:36
With the possible exception of President Reagan.

Yes, thank you, President Trump. Thank you for standing and fighting for us.
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